Review: Celsius Gets New Packaging

Posted: Dec 28, 2016 at 11:01 AM (Last Updated: Dec 28, 2016 at 11:45 AM)

Covers Products: Sparkling Cola 2016, Sparkling Watermelon

Celsius is a self-proclaimed “healthy energy drink” that was designed to help accelerate metabolism and burn body fat.

Founded in 2004, Celsius has been through quite a transformation. Arguably very ahead of its time when it launched in the heyday of the energy drink category, the brand has been through a lot of changes, including a switch from glass to cans, various design schemes, and has turned over its management.

Its latest change comes in the form of another packaging update -- and it’s a really good one, for the most part. The can, which is a still a slim 12 oz. format, has a black painted top that gives way to a white and metallic motif that covers the main portion of the package. Front and center you’ll find the Celsius logo along with the simple tagline of “Live Fit.” Below this, they’ve placed the flavor name and a graphic to go with it. Finally, you’ll find a pile of information, including statements on the functionality, calorie count, and other items that are designed to help build the drink’s credibility.

Normally we’re not big fans of cramming in this sort of information on the front panel of a product’s packaging, but their approach seems to work. What they’ve done is create a band of black and a band of silver at the bottom of the package. These create visual separation from the top portion, which helps the cleanliness and appeal of the design.

As for what’s inside the container, it, too, has come a long way. With the new packaging we sampled two flavors: Sparkling Cola and Sparkling Watermelon. The products have 10 calories per can and are sweetened exclusively with sucralose, an artificial sweetener. The flavor is extremely good, with the Sparkling Cola able to rival any diet cola out there and the Sparkling Watermelon offering something that tastes like a fruity energy drink. While we’d certainly love to see an all-natural formulation, the product definitely does not disappoint when it comes to taste.

Functionally, the products include green tea extract, guarana, taurine, ginger root, B vitamins, vitamin C, chromium, calcium, and caffeine (200mg per can). There’s definitely more than enough caffeine to give you an energy boost, while the green tea extract and tea-derived EGCG are, according to Celsius, what provides the metabolism boosting benefits.

Overall, Celsius’s latest packaging is a big step forward for the brand. It feels much more polished, cohesive, and credible than in the past. With this update, which does a nice job of communicating the brand’s points of differentiation, Celsius feels like a credible contender in the energy category.

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