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Review: G&Juice CBD

Posted: Apr 23, 2020 at 1:30 PM (Last Updated: Apr 24, 2020 at 11:33 AM)
G&Juice CBD

Covers Products: Strawberry Lemonade CBD 20mg, Blueberry Mojito CBD 20mg, Coconut Vanilla CBD 20mg, Ginger Peach CBD 20mg

G&Juice is a line of sparkling beverages that are enhanced with 20 mg of CBD. The products are sweetened with erythritol and stevia and are packaged in 12 oz. slim cans.

The line, which is, according to the company’s website, launching exclusively direct to consumer as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, features four flavors, including Vanilla Coconut, Strawberry Lemonade, Ginger Peach and Blueberry Mojito. Three of the four flavors contain juice (8-12% juice), while the Vanilla Coconut does not. The latter SKU has 5 calories per can and zero sugar while the other three have 20 per can and 2 grams of sugar.

From a taste perspective, these products taste more like low-calorie carbonated soft drinks than they do a flavored sparkling water. There’s a decent amount of sweetness to each SKU, but there’s also some slight sweetener aftertaste from the stevia and erythritol. The added CBD fortunately does not impact the flavor in any way that we could detect.

As for the blends that G&Juice has created, we think that some are in a better spot than others. Packing the most juice of the lineup (12%), Strawberry Lemonade is the clear star of the show. The inclusion of lemon and strawberry juices is quite noticeable in the product’s accurate fruit flavor. Next up is Blueberry Mojito, which has a very nice blueberry flavor to it along with a slight note of mint (from added flavoring). 

In contrast, the final two flavors, Ginger Peach and Coconut Vanilla, need a bit of work. This is pretty straightforward for Coconut Vanilla, which has no juice and feels like a misfit within a brand with “juice” in its name. Ginger Peach, which is labeled as 9% juice despite saying in the ingredients list that it has less than 2% peach juice, has some pretty nice peach flavor, but we’d like to see more ginger.

On the packaging front, the product uses a matte finished shrink sleeve label with a white background, an accent color for each flavor and a logo that’s inside a circle in the middle. There’s also an image, which looks like an abstract watercolor design of sorts, that sits on the background.  At the bottom, there are callouts for the calories, CBD, and sugar content.

While most of this is fine and arranged in a way that is both clean and easy to read, we think that the overall logo and branding need some work. The current approach, which has the “G” and “J” merging together, is quite hard to read at first glance. But the bigger question is why use the word “juice” at all, especially when one of the SKUs doesn’t even have any juice. Regardless, this doesn’t seem like a product that’s trying to be a juice product, so positioning it this way will likely be confusing.

Despite having some room for improvement, G&Juice definitely has merit as a low-calorie sparkling CBD beverage. It has a soda-like flavor profile, which we think will have appeal with consumers, and, with some improvement to its branding, feels like a product that fills a white space in the category.

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