Review: Golden Tiger Turmeric Drinks

Posted: Jun 28, 2019 at 12:59 PM (Last Updated: Jun 28, 2019 at 2:54 PM)

Covers Products: Turmeric Limeade, Turmeric Limeade with Green Tea

Golden Tiger is a line of turmeric-based juice drinks that are available in two flavors: Turmeric Limeade and Turmeric Limeade with Green Tea. Both SKUs are packaged in 12 oz PET bottles and contain 90 calories and 18 grams of sugar per bottle.

Turmeric is an ingredient that has certainly been on trend in the past couple of years; building a beverage platform around it seems logical, but  is also something that others have already done. In the case of Golden Tiger, which pairs turmeric with some familiar flavors and comes in a shelf stable format, it feels as though this product is trying to position itself for the mainstream.

In terms of taste, both of these products are quite drinkable. You’ll find turmeric extract, ginger, agave, and lime juice (5%) as the common ingredients in both SKUs, which provides both sweet and spice flavor notes. This works well with the added lime juice, which acts as a counterbalance. Though the flavor doesn’t taste all that much different than its counterpart, Turmeric Limeade with Green Tea uses a tea base rather than water, giving it a mellow tea note.

On the outside, both labels feature a tiger head illustration along with some white illustrated text. The aesthetic has an Asian vibe to it, which is fine, but the label doesn’t really do a great job of selling you on the product or its benefits. Furthermore, we found their choice of background colors, green for the Turmeric Limeade with Green Tea and orange for Turmeric Limeade to be confusing rather than helpful in remembering which product is which.

Aside from straightening this out, Golden Tiger needs to think about what it’s trying to be and how to better communicate it as part of the brand. Otherwise, this product will likely just be perceived as an ingredient play and we think that turmeric drinks are too niche for an upstart to go after. 

Overall, we were pleasantly surprised by the flavor of both varieties of Golden Tiger. We think there’s some potential with what the company has created -- assuming it can improve upon its branding and messaging.

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