Good Day

by Have A Good Day, LLC.

Review: Good Day

Posted: Nov 15, 2019 at 3:21 PM (Last Updated: Nov 18, 2019 at 10:27 AM)

Covers Products: Citrus Sparkling Water with a Twist of Chill CBD 15mg, Cold Brew Coffee with Benefits CBD 15mg, Chamomile Herbal Tea with a Little Extra CBD 15mg

Good Day is a recently launched line of beverages enhanced with 15 mg of CBD per 8 oz. can. Under a unified brand identity, the company makes three types of products: Cold Brew, Chamomile Herbal Tea and Citrus Sparkling Water. 

Good Day’s approach is an interesting one in comparison to other brands that differentiate their SKUs using flavors.

When it comes to taste, some of the drinks are better than others. The flagship Cold Brew is a solid and straightforward can of unsweetened and unflavored coffee that can definitely hold its own. Citrus Sparkling Water, which contains 25% juice from mandarin orange, lime and grapefruit, is a really well-executed flavored sparkling water that is our favorite of the bunch. Finally, there’s Chamomile Herbal Tea, which was our least favorite. While there’s some nice herbal tea flavor and aroma at the start, the added lemon juice takes over and ends up being just a bit too much.

Each product comes in an 8 oz. can that features a matte finish shrink sleeve label. Each flavor gets a different color, with Cold Brew featuring a red hue, Citrus Sparkling Water getting a purple label and Chamomile Herbal Tea getting one that’s midnight blue. From there, the products feature a text-dominant design that starts with the SKU name expressed in the form of a statement, e.g. “Cold brew coffee with benefits.”  This is the same way that they’ve treated the tagline, which says “Have a Good Day.” 

The approach is cool and eye-catching, with a soft and conversational tone to it rather than one that’s screaming for your attention with graphics and callouts. While we appreciate this approach and the buttoned-up look, it doesn’t feel overly intuitive in terms of figuring out what the product is and what the particular flavor is going to be like. 

Furthermore, we question if approaching the nascent category as  a CBD platform brand is a bit premature for most consumers and retailers. Worst case, the product ends up with a single facing in each of the three super competitive categories they play in. Best case, it’s in a retailer that has a specific CBD set -- but there aren’t all that many of these out there yet. 

From our perspective, being ahead of the curve is okay -- assuming Good Day has the patience -- but the brand should consider how to better present the flavor names in a way that one can quickly understand after scanning the lineup. 

Overall, Good Day’s approach is a unique one and, with some refinement in the herbal tea flavor and tweaks in their packaging, we think it definitely has some potential.

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