Review: Hubble Cold-Pressed Fizzy Juice

Posted: Apr 24, 2018 at 10:46 AM (Last Updated: Apr 24, 2018 at 5:29 PM)

Covers Products: Ginger Apple Lemon Bubbles, Orange Turmeric Apple Lemon Bubbles, Watermelon Mint Lemon Bubbles

Hubble Fizzy Juice is line of beverages that combines two popular trends: cold pressed juice and carbonation.

The product is launching with three initial flavors: Watermelon Mint Lemon Bubbles (100% juice), Orange Turmeric Apple Lemon Bubbles (75% juice), and Ginger Apple Lemon Bubbles (73% juice). All three of the flavors have between 100 and 110 calories per 12 oz. bottle.

From a flavor perspective, we really like all three. The closest point of reference is a San Pellegrino soda, but with a much much fresher flavor. We bring up San Pellegrino here because we think there’s potential here for an immediate upgrade for a broad audience -- especially in that it ticks both the sparkling and healthy boxes.

All three of the flavors share a somewhat consistent core in terms of the level of carbonation and relative level of sweetness (both of which are on point). But each flavor also has its own personality.

The Watermelon Mint Lemon flavor is the lightest of the trio. With a base of watermelon juice along with added mint and lemon juice, they’ve created something that’s really light and refreshing. Although we haven’t tried it, we suspect that this variety would also make a great mixer with alcohol.

Next, there’s Orange Turmeric Apple Lemon. This product has a hefty dose of orange juice, which, thanks to the addition of the bubbles and turmeric, feels like an elevated version of a breakfast staple. We really enjoy how all of the ingredients come together to create something that's very refreshing and full of flavor.

Lastly there’s Ginger Apple Lemon, which, thanks to the pairing of apple and ginger, has a really enjoyable sweet and spicy flavor profile. They’ve done a nice job balancing these ingredients..

On the outside, the product’s 12 oz. bottle looks to be somewhere in between a juice bottle and a soda bottle (the cap and the bottom). When it comes to the the overall look of the product, it skews more towards the juice set. But don’t take that the wrong way: we really like the look of Hubble. It’s attractive, feels approachable, and is, for the most, intuitive. If there’s any suggestion for the design, it would be to consider simplifying the naming scheme, as having the entire list of ingredients as the name of each SKU is a bit cumbersome.

Overall, there’s a lot to like about Hubble and it is a well executed product right out of the gate.

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