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Review: Humm Kombucha’s Reduced Sugar Offerings

Posted: Nov 07, 2018 at 1:39 PM (Last Updated: Nov 07, 2018 at 4:35 PM)

Covers Products: Ginger Juniper, Raspberry Hops

As we covered in October, Humm Kombucha has released a pair of new products that are designed to directly address a concern that exists across almost all beverage categories: sugar content.

The reduced sugar offerings, which come in Ginger Juniper and Raspberry Hops varieties, contain 5 grams of sugar and 25 calories per 8 oz serving. They are packaged in 14 ounce bottles that are, aside from label differences, almost identical to their flagship product.

Compared with Humm’s flagship offerings, which have 10 grams of sugar per serving, these products are noticeably lighter in body, sweetness, and overall flavor. But Humm has done a great job of selecting flavors that they can get a lot of mileage out of with a reduced level of sweetness.

Ginger Juniper has a mild note of ginger spice and a touch of juniper which pair quite well together. Raspberry Hops, which is slightly fuller in body than Ginger Juniper, has some fruit notes from the added juices (raspberry, elderberry, pineapple, apple and pear) and a touch of bitterness from the added hop flavoring. We were big fans of Humm’s Hopped Grapefruit, so it’s nice to see that they are utilizing this flavor in another offering. Overall, we enjoyed both flavors.

The end result for this line is a  lighter and more crisp drinking experience than Humm’s core flavors, probably geared for a slightly different consumer or at least a different use occasion.

When it comes to the packaging and labeling, we think that they’ve done a nice job of making these products look clean and appealing while also making it clear that this is a slightly different product from the core line. It’s pretty hard to miss the callout for the sugar and calorie content that’s running along the bottom of the label, which is otherwise intuitive.

However, use of the term “reduced” could have some potential side effects when placed next to the core Humm flavors. The core lineup has no such callout for sugar or calories, which could certainly make one perceive the main product as high in calories and sugar (they aren’t, at least in our opinion). From our perspective, obvious solutions are to either add a callout to the core line or to give this line a name that implies lower sugar or less calories.

Still, this concern about the label really doesn’t take away from what we think is a well-executed and novel approach to extending Humm’s lineup. These products are both really enjoyable and should serve as a nice foundation for further line extensions.

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