Review: Joybird Premium Hemp Infusion

Posted: Nov 14, 2018 at 2:50 PM (Last Updated: Nov 14, 2018 at 10:20 PM)

Covers Products: Apple Cranberry , Mixed Berries, Orange Tangerine

Joybird is a new line of cannabidiol (CBD) infused beverages launching in three flavors -- Apple Cranberry, Mixed Berries, and Orange Tangerine -- with 45 calories per bottle.

As for the formulations, each of the three varieties feature flavor profiles that should be palatable for mainstream consumers. Each is made with juice concentrates (although they don’t disclose the juice content on the current labels), fruit flavors, and sweetened with a blend of erythritol and stevia.

From our perspective, all three varieties are about the same in terms of their overall quality and enjoyment level. They all drink like juice cocktails and have  light, refreshing, and mild fruit flavors. However, they aren’t formulations that would win on flavor alone.

That’s a good segue to one of the product’s key features: the inclusion of 8 grams of microencapsulated CBD from Ojai Energetics. According to the company, this makes for CBD that is twenty times as bioavailable as standard CBD. Whether or not this resonates with consumers is hard to say, but it is one of the few beverage products that we’ve seen to attempt to directly address the question of efficacy.

Joybird is packaged in a fully wrapped 12 oz. bottle that has also been used by other super premium products such as cold-pressed juice and cold-brew coffee. Given that CBD beverages carry a premium price, this seems like a fine bottle choice.

Otherwise, we’d describe the design, which features an illustration of a sloth as the primary image, as something that’s trying to be playful and light-hearted. While it’s all pretty innocuous, we do wonder if this will undermine the credibility of the brand (especially against its competition which are trending more towards being minimalist and hip).

Otherwise, the label copy is intuitive and straightforward to the point where it’s very clear that this is a low calorie hemp-enhanced product. We do, however, feel as though flavor is a less important part of the overall pitch, which is something that Joybird might want to consider.

In the end, we’re pretty pleased with how Joybird has come out of the gate. While there’s always room for any new brand to evolve and improve, Joybird’s formulations are enjoyable, its branding catches the eye, and its release is certainly quite timely.

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