Review: Amaz Superplants Elixir

Posted: Mar 02, 2018 at 7:56 AM (Last Updated: Mar 02, 2018 at 4:02 PM)

Covers Products: Here We Go, It's All Good, Take It Easy

Amaz Superplants Elixir is a line of all natural beverages that is current available in three flavors: Here We Go, Take it Easy, and It’s All Good.

The products are heavy in juice content, with formulations ranging from 41-48 percent juice. While some of the flavors feature familiar fruits, such as apple and banana, they’ve included a host of more esoteric and exotic ingredients. This includes cupuacu, camu camu, caja, mulungu, and graviola, just to name a few.

For the palate of the US consumer, we’d imagine that the three flavors will largely be perceived as having pretty similar profiles. All three are light, refreshing, and not too sweet (17-21g of sugar -- exclusively from fruit -- per bottle) and have a blend of fruit flavors that are, thanks to the use of fruits that aren’t commonplace in the U.S., hard to distinguish from the blend. This could probably be fixed by dialing up some of the more familiar flavors, such as the ginger or passionfruit.

Our comment about the similarity of the three holds true with the packaging as well. The layout of the label is fine at the start when your eye goes to the Amaz logo, but it’s hard to quickly grasp what this product is all about. It ultimately requires you to pick it up and spend some time reading it. This is compounded by the naming convention, which doesn’t do a great job of helping the consumer understand one of the key components of any beverage: taste.

Also confusing is the functionality, which comes in vitality, relax, and “excellent source of antioxidants.” It’s a somewhat confusing selection that, much like the copy, could be simplified so that the consumer can quickly figure it out.

In addition to addressing these concerns, we’d really like to see the label simplified as there’s currently a lot of stuff on it and we think the arrangement of information could be better. The center of the bottle, which currently features a callout for “Amazon Superplants Elixir,” would probably be better used for something that describes the flavor (assuming they take this advice). Otherwise, we think that they can move the list of superplants/superfruits to the back since most consumers probably won’t recognize most of these.

Overall, we think there’s a good concept here, but the execution of the flavors (in terms of the overall lineup) and the design could stand to be improved and simplified a bit.

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