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Review: Monfefo Turmeric Shot: A Great Follow Up to the Original

Posted: Apr 25, 2017 at 1:43 PM (Last Updated: Apr 25, 2017 at 2:02 PM)

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When Monfefo first launched their flagship organic ginger shot, we were quite enthusiastic about the superspicy, potent flavor that they’d managed to cram into a 1.7 oz. bottle. Later that year, the brand won over our judging panel for the New Beverage Showdown 11 at BevNET Live Summer 2016.

Now, in Spring of 2017, the company is back with their first line extension: Monfefo Turmeric Shot. It’s a USDA Organic blend of orange, turmeric, lemon juice, agave, and black pepper. Unlike their ginger shot, this product is not spicy or, at least compared with a straight turmeric shot, as intense in its flavor profile.

Instead, the product is sweet and tangy, with the orange, turmeric, and lemon providing the majority of the flavor. The sweetness from the agave definitely makes these flavors taste bright and fresh, while the touch of black pepper spices up the finish. In the end, this is a very different product than its counterpart, but it’s equally, if not more even more, addictive --  you can easily consume a bunch of them in one sitting.

On the outside, the bottle looks the same as the ginger shot, aside from the different color of the liquid. That bright orange backdrop is appealing and inviting, although it does have a slightly fiery look to it that doesn’t match the liquid inside the bottle.

Ultimately, we really like what they’ve created. It utilizes an ingredient that is generally complementary to ginger, but does so in a way that makes for a different experience than the flagship product. While it’s tangy rather than spicy, we think this sets the brand up nicely to establish itself as a marketer of full bodied and somewhat potent cold-pressed shot format offerings.

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