Review: NÜMOO Nut Milks Accel With Minimal Ingredients

Posted: Apr 28, 2016 at 9:06 AM (Last Updated: Apr 28, 2016 at 11:01 AM)

Covers Products: Dark Chocolate Pistachio Milk, Raw Chocolate Almond Milk, Strawberry Pecan Milk, Vanilla Bean Cashew Milk, Vanilla Bean Pistachio Milk, Espresso Pistachio Latte, Strawberry Pistachio Milk

NÜMOO is a line of organic high pressure processed (HPP) nut milks that are made without the use of stabilizers, gums, or any other additives commonly found in dairy alternatives. The product line, which was announced in February, comes in strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and coffee flavors and four different nut milks: cashew milk, almond milk, pecan milk, and pistachio milk.

Our first reaction to what they’ve created is one of slight confusion over the use of multiple types of nut milk. If you want vanilla, that’s cashew or pistachio milk, but if you want chocolate, that’s almond or pistachio. And if it’s strawberry you’re after, well, that’s pecan or pistachio. It’s a layer of choice that seems slightly unnecessary and probably only matters to some small set of consumers.  This also results in a price gap: almond, cashew, and pecan are $4.99, while the pistachio milks are $7.99.

They’ve even further complicated this with the flavor options. Espresso has only a single “Pistachio Latte” choice, but for chocolate, there’s a choice of “Dark Chocolate” or “Raw Chocolate.” And for strawberry and vanilla, each of their two respective flavors has visibly different colored liquid.

As for what’s inside the bottle, they’re all really good. And this does, for the most part, remedy the initial concerns. All of the flavors are made with simple and understable ingredients, including things like nuts, water, vanilla, cinnamon, lemon, cacao, and strawberry powder (to give a few examples). They are all very clean in terms of their formulations and each flavor has a maximum of eight ingredients.  

Of the flavors that we sampled, our top three were the Dark Chocolate Pistachio Milk, the Vanilla Bean Cashew MIlk, and the Strawberry Pecan Milk. While the nuts used in each of these flavors are different, it came down to the added flavors being the difference makers. While the Vanilla Bean variety uses maple syrup as its sweetener, the others use dates. In both cases, it’s nice to see that they’ve avoided sugar in these formulations.

There’s another thing that we’re more impressed with than the flavor: the consistency and creaminess of the product. None of these products have any additives to enhance this or keep the product from separating (which it does not). They claim that this is the result of proprietary milling equipment; whatever it is, it’s quite impressive.

Packaging is a 12 oz. square plastic bottle. It has a clear label and a single color illustrated design that’s straightforward looking. Aside from the small text along the bottom, it’s very easy to read and quickly get the gist of. If there’s any enhancement that could be made, we’d suggest making a more aggressive callout about the lack of additives as that’s certainly what makes the product unique.

Overall, NÜMOO has really impressed us with the flavors and consistency that they’ve achieved with such straightforward ingredients. While we’d love to see some simplification in terms of the flavor and nut milk combinations, but this is otherwise one of the top offerings when it comes to nut milks that are presently on the market.

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