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Review: Peet’s Cold Brew Gets New Packaging & Flavors

Posted: May 30, 2017 at 11:38 AM (Last Updated: May 30, 2017 at 12:23 PM)

Covers Products: Almond Milk Cold Brew, Baridi Black Cold Brew, Coffee Au Lait Cold Brew, Dark Chocolate Cold Brew (2017)

While we first took a look at Peet’s Cold Brew back in the Summer of 2016, they’ve recently made some tweaks to the brand. In May 2017, the company, which also announced a new “Coldcraft” unit to focus on cold-brew, has updated both the packaging and the flavor set.

The only real holdover in the line is the Baridi Black Cold Brew, which, as the only unsweetened flavor, is still a bold and smooth cold brew offering that can definitely hold its own. This flavor has been given a slight label update, which gives it a design that’s consistent with the others. From our perspective, consistency is good, but our feeling about this product is the same as before.

However, the rest of the line has been given a more meaningful update. There are now three flavors, including Dark Chocolate Cold Brew, Almond Milk Cold Brew, and Coffee Au Lait Cold Brew. Previously packaged in a milk carton, these products are now packaged in a 10.5 oz. plastic bottle. The design of the bottle, which features a dark top half and a white lower half, is clean, polished, and easy to read. It also does a great job of putting the Peet’s brand at center stage.

As for the flavor of these three products, they’re all quite good.  With an indulgent flavor (Dark Chocolate), a classic milk flavor (Coffee Au Lait), and a non-dairy variety (Almond Milk Cold Brew), we like how they’ve created a fair amount of variety for the consumer to choose from. Speaking purely from an execution perspective, our favorite is the Dark Chocolate, which is rich, smooth, and sweet but nicely balanced. The other two feel as though they need some slight refinement: there’s a slight burnt note to the Coffee Au Lait and a bit of tang to the Almond Milk variety.

Overall, Peet’s Cold Brew coffee line very much feels like it’s headed in the right direction. They definitely have the branding and packaging in a place where it can really be successful, while the flavor lineup seems like it’s there with just a few refinements.

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