PLNT Blend

by Plant Life Group, LLC.

Review: PLNT Blend Hemp Infused Hydration

Posted: Jun 07, 2019 at 2:33 PM (Last Updated: Jun 07, 2019 at 3:17 PM)

Covers Products: Mint + Matcha CBD 15mg, Pineapple + Chamomile CBD 15mg, Turmeric + Ginger CBD 15mg

PLNT Blend is a line of hemp-infused beverages that feature 15 mg of CBD per bottle and are flavored with fruit juice, herbs, tea and coconut nectar.

PLNT Blend is available in three SKUs: Pineapple + Chamomile, Mint + Matcha, and Turmeric + Ginger. All three are packaged in slim 10 oz glass bottles and feature a metallic label and a white cap.

The brand’s logo (“PL” stacked on top of “NT”) is prominently featured in the center of the bottle’s label. Illustrations of some of the key ingredients run vertically along the sides, while the lower portion of the label has some descriptive text. It’s relatively straightforward and , for the most part, appealing to the eye. However, we think they could use fewer fonts; this text looks a little sloppy if you look closely. Still, this is a very nice first effort.

From a taste perspective, PLNT Blend has done a great job of creating beverages that are drinkable and on-trend-- without even factoring in the added hemp. In our opinion, this is a product that consumers will enjoy based on taste and not just the functional benefit.

Furthermore, we really like that these products have 50 calories and 9-10 g of sugar per 10 oz, depending on the SKU. Along with their use of coconut nectar, this should definitely make the product appealing to consumers seeking beverages with low added sugar.

Plus, the flavors that the brand has created offer the consumer a nice variety. On top of its base flavors, we enjoyed the notes of lime and coconut nectar in Mint + Matcha. Elsewhere, Pineapple + Chamomile, which features 10% juice and a heavy dose of pineapple, has the strongest fruit flavor of the bunch. Finally, there’s Turmeric + Ginger, which has plenty of ginger and turmeric flavor along with notes of pepper and lemon.

Overall, PLNT Blend is a very palatable and well-executed addition to the CBD beverage set that offers great flavor in an attractive packaging to boot.

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