Pressery Bone Broth

by Pressery, LLC.

Review: Pressery Bone Broth: Bone Broth Meets Cold-Pressed Juice

Posted: Jul 21, 2016 at 1:15 PM (Last Updated: Jul 22, 2016 at 9:48 AM)

Covers Products: Beef Orange Rosemary, Chicken Apple Kale

For Pressery, which produces high pressure processed cold-pressed juices and drinking vinegars, a line of bone broths might not seem like the most logical brand extension. After all, the company's other lines are purely vegan and bone broth takes the company into the carnivore realm.

While the line includes a total of six bone broths in flavors ranging from savory blends such as Chicken Herb and Garden Medley (a vegetarian offering), the more interesting varieties are the ones that marry juice with the bone broth base. This approach, which we’ve only seen in one other brand (BRU Broth), is quite unique, both in its positioning and the flavor that results.

The two flavors, Chicken Apple Kale and Beef Orange Rosemary, have a rich bone broth flavor to their base. In the case of Chicken Apple Kale, they’ve added kale and spinach juices, which is a really nice pairing of bone broth and rich vegetable flavors. For the Beef Orange Rosemary, Pressery has added apple, beet, and orange juices. This blend has a lighter flavor, which is fine, but it also seems slightly unbalanced in terms of the subtle sweet flavors and the savory notes. Having sampled both, it’s clear that the pairing of bone broth and vegetable juices can be successful, but we’re not sure about using fruit juices.

On the packaging side of things, these two products look very much like cold-pressed juices. The liquid of the Chicken Apple Kale variety is green while the Beef Orange Rosemary is red. If one is viewing these in the proper context, these colors definitely make sense and appeal to the senses. However, we do wonder that if at first glance the red color of the beef flavor will slightly off putting (it looks like the juices from a cooked piece of beef). Otherwise, the label is easy to read, straightforward, and polished looking.

Overall, it’s hard to say if this approach to bone broth is one that will win out. In the meantime, we appreciate the innovation and definitely see some potential with what Pressery has crafted.

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