Sol-ti Juice

by Sol-ti

Review: Solti Takes a New Approach to Cold-Pressed Juice

Posted: Oct 04, 2016 at 3:17 PM (Last Updated: Oct 07, 2016 at 10:56 AM)

Covers Products: Pure Green, Sweet Green, Gingermade, Watermelon Mint, Unfiltered Apple Cider, Spicy Green

Solti Juice is a San Diego based company that produces cold-pressed organic juice drinks that are aseptically processed with ultraviolet (UV) light filtration. The company claims that this delivers the best tasting and most nutrient-rich juice out there (aside from truly raw, of course).

On the surface, one of the key things that you’ll immediately notice about Solti is its use of a glass, rather than plastic, bottle. At 12.5 oz. for its $7 SRP, the product is positioned at the high end segment.

As for the flavors, here’s a rundown of those that we sampled:

  • Sweet Green -- This blend of pineapple, cucumber, kale, and parsley is a mild but slightly sweet blend of what we’d describe as “classic” green juice (we’d say the same about Pure Green). And we’re pleased to see that they did it without adding apple juice.

  • Pure Green --This flavor, along with Sweet Green, is the best showcase of what Solti has to offer as they are both super fresh tasting. For something called Pure Green, we were expecting a less sweet offering (it has 9g of sugars per 8 ounces). The use of apple is noticeable, but it does a nice job keeping the kale and spinach at bay.

  • Gingermade -- The classic blend of apple, ginger, and lemon, this product is about as straightforward as they come. It’s sweet and spicy, with a light citrus note to the finish. But at 150 calories and 33g of sugar per bottle, it might be a bit much for some consumers.

  • Unfiltered Apple Cider -- This is a solid bottle of apple juice, but, really, how many people are looking for a $7 bottle of apple juice? We’re not trying to be snarky, but it seems like something that has limited potential. Of the five flavors that we sampled, this is the only one that we’d cut.

  • Watermelon Mint -- While there’s watermelon, mint, and lemon in this formulation, it’s pretty much all about the watermelon. We’d love to see the other flavors play a bigger role -- or maybe have another flavor, such as ginger, help out.

Packaging is probably the product’s strong suit, at least from a visual perspective. The squat, square-shaped glass bottle is definitely an eye catcher, although the branding that they’ve used is pretty simple and exclusively text based. Given their price point, having the product in glass, which, thanks to its heavier weight, makes the product feel more premium, is a good thing (although it can create some new operational issues, such as breakage).

Gauging the challenges that HPP juice companies have -- and are still having -- explaining their advantages, we imagine that Solti will have a similar challenge. It’s not something that can be totally addressed with packaging, but they’ve clearly tried to put their best foot forward by producing relatively simple and easy to understand language for the side of the bottle.

All in all, Solti has a nice foundation to work with, although we wonder if targeting the high end, which is a segment where other brands are established and are aiming for more conventional consumers, is the right place to be. Still, what they’ve created are some of the nicest tasting high end cold-pressed juices out there. Regardless of the size of the category, they have the potential to be a player.

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