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Review: Is Sunup’s Unroasted Green Coffee a Hot Ticket?

Posted: Aug 10, 2016 at 3:08 PM (Last Updated: Aug 10, 2016 at 3:08 PM)
Is Sunup’s Unroasted Green Coffee a Hot Ticket?

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Sunup Green Coffee presents a new approach to the RTD coffee category by using unroasted coffee beans.

Eliminating the roasting process, which is basically what gives coffee its signature flavor, results in something very different: Instead of a dark, bold, and sometimes acidic flavor, Sunup’s Green Coffee is light and slightly fruity. The addition of sugar (17g per bottle) adds some sweetness, while the finish is clean and smooth. In many ways, the product is closer to that of tea than coffee, aside from a slight note at the finish that kind of makes the product taste like a bottle of tea with a little coffee splashed in.  It’s an enjoyable flavor, but we’re not sure that we’d choose it (based on flavor alone) over coffee, tea, or another caffeinated offering such as guayusa or yerba mate.

Packaging is a 9.5 oz. stock glass bottle that has a label around its neck and belly. We’re sorry to say that we think the two label approach doesn’t work, both in terms of aesthetics and for communicating the message. The branding feels sterile and somewhat meaningless when it comes to grabbing the eye, and also fails to communicate the “why” or the benefits for the product and its obviously unique manufacture. Right now, the benefits are buried on the back above the UPC code. We’d also  love to see a callout for the actual milligrams of caffeine that are contained within.

Ultimately, we’re left with mixed feelings about this product. On the one hand, it’s something different that potentially has some room to run - but we don’t know where it’s planning on running. It feels really raw in its current form. Plus, there’s the likelihood that a massive amount of education is required to get consumers to think about coffee in a totally new way. All of that being said, we think that this is a nifty product to try, but one that has a really long road ahead of it. Developing the brand and its message -- and perhaps filling out a line of a few SKUs -- might be the next steps.

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