Black Button Distilling Announces Launch of Bespoke Bourbon Cream

Bespoke Bourbon Cream by Black Button DistillingROCHESTER, NY (AUGUST 4, 2015) Black Button Distilling, Rochester NY’s first and finest grain to glass craft distillery, announces the release of their latest product, Bespoke Bourbon Cream by Black Button Distilling. The newest addition to the Black Button line, Bespoke Bourbon Cream will officially launch to the public on August 28th from 6- 9 p.m. at Black Button Distilling.

The only farm fresh, New York State bourbon cream around, Bespoke Bourbon Cream by Black Button Distilling is similar in concept to an Irish Cream, but features a richer feel and bolder vanillin and caramel flavors, making it an invigorating spirit that can stand alone, be added to your favorite coffee or used in a cocktail.

“We can’t wait for our friends and fans to taste the newest edition to the Black Button line of spirits. It’s a fantastic spirit for the fall, for the holiday season – and for all year round,” said Jason Barrett, owner and head distiller of Black Button Distilling.

Already an award-winner, Black Button Bourbon Cream was awarded the Silver Medal at the North American Bourbon and Whiskey Competition in the cream whiskey category. The double blind competition is based on a 100-point scale, judged by styles and price categories.

“This silver medal means a lot to us because it’s been awarded to the only farm fresh, New York state bourbon cream out there. We’re proud to win this award and to highlight another locally made product from locally sourced, farm to table ingredients,” said Barrett.

Following the August 28th launch, Bespoke Bourbon Cream by Black Button Distilling will be available at the finest liquor stores, restaurants and distributors throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan.