Wild Geese Soldiers & Heroes Premium Rum Named ‘Best Gold Rum’ at World Rum Awards 2015

The Wild Geese® Soldiers & Heroes Premium Rum (1)Multi-award winning rum collection honours the original ‘Wild Geese’, who sailed from Ireland and landed in the Caribbean via US

Dublin, Ireland, 31 March 2015: The Wild Geese® Soldiers & Heroes Premium Rum, a star performer in the multi-award winning The Wild Geese® Collection, has beaten all big-name global drinks brands to win Best Gold Rum at the World Rum Awards 2015 recently.

Judges described The Wild Geese® Soldiers & Heroes Premium Rum as “a great blend…refined and balanced”.

André Levy, Chairman of Protégé International (exclusive global distributor of The Wild Geese® Collection), said: “To be officially recognised as having the world’s best gold rum, particularly in such a competitive international market, is a sign of our commitment to excellence and taste.”

“The essence of The Wild Geese® is the heritage, pride and emotional connection that resonates among the Irish diaspora the world over. The ‘Wild Geese’, as they are known, have had a considerable presence in the Caribbean that stretches back over four centuries – about 15% of pirates in the Caribbean were, in fact, Irish.” 

He added: “We look forward to growing our distribution footprint into the future, beginning with our active participation at the upcoming WSWA (Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America) Annual Convention & Exposition in Orlando, Florida (April 12-15) and the TFWA (Tax Free World Association) Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference in Singapore (May 10-14).”

The Wild Geese® Collection is available to purchase from MHW Ltd., New York; Central States Beverages in Kansas and Missouri; Wine Warehouse in California; and other select locations across the United States.

This latest accolade comes after The Wild Geese® Soldiers & Heroes Premium Rum picked up awards at the GlobalRum Masters 2015 and the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2015 earlier this month. The rum has now won eight international awards to date.

About The Wild Geese® Soldiers & Heroes Premium Rum

The Wild Geese® Soldiers & Heroes Premium Rum is an intense, bright gold blend of rums, aged for up to eight years, from Barbados, Jamaica and Guyana. Its clean pronounced nose hints at its soft, aged Bajan heritage and honeyed aromatic Guyanese and Jamaican pot still character. On the nose, there are distinct yet light and fresh notes, sage and eucalyptus, in harmony with a strong depth. The palate is an elegant balance of deft sweetness and pronounced alcohol starting with a light vanilla, mango and banana, smoothly developing into the burnished, rich nuttiness of ripe asparagus and herbaceous eucalyptus. Light anise and camphorous ginger come to the front before softening into a long, pleasant, almond and butterscotch finish, carefully holding just long enough to leave a light spicy and floral resonance.