Black Cow Vodka Now Available in the United States

BlackCowlargeBottleShotnew-cr-600x650(West Dorset, UK, June 29, 2016)–From happily pastured cows in bucolic Dorset, England, Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka is finally available in the U.S., starting this spring in southern California and moving north to San Francisco. This remarkable spirit is the world’s only pure milk vodka and, as part of its global expansion, will be available in additional U.S. markets later in 2017.

Black Cow will be launching in six other markets in 2016 including Hong Kong, Denmark, Spain & Australia.

Black Cow entered the U.S. market in California in partnership with Wine Warehouse, the state’s third largest distributor. In April, Black Cow exhibited at the 73rd Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America convention in Las Vegas, considered the most important annual event where distributors seek out new beverage products, meet with existing partners and look for services to enhance internal operations.

Black Cow is the world’s first pure milk vodka, produced in Dorset from the milk of grass-fed cows. It is a super-premium vodka, distilled from the whey of milk and treated to a secret blending process created by dairy farmer Jason Barber, whose inspiration came from a desire to diversify the product of his 250-head dairy herd and his personal interest in vodka. Black Cow was launched by Jason and Paul in 2012.

“At Black Cow we are excited to be playing our part in the reinvigoration of the vodka category and working to bring our brand to the U.S.,” Paul says.

Black Cow has won several awards including a Gold Medal from the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition. It has a clean, smooth taste perfect for sipping chilled or mixing in cocktails such as the Dirty Cow Martini or the Dorset Donkey.

Black Cow Vintage Cheddar, made from the curds of the milk used to make Black Cow Vodka, is available in the U.K.

Black Cow Vodka: RRP $39.99 for 750ml. 80 proof

Dirty Cow Martini

1.5 ounces Black Cow?Vodka

.5 ounces vermouth?

Dash Olive brine?

1 large olive to garnish

Pour the black cow, splash of dry vermouth and olive brine into a cocktail shaker with a handful of ice and shake well. Strain the contents of the cocktail shaker into a chilled glass and add the olive.

Dorset Mule

1.5 ounce Black Cow?Vodka

Juice of half a lime?

½ ounce honey & ginger syrup

5 ounces of Ginger beer?

Garnish with mint and lime

Add all the ingredients except the ginger beer to an ice filled glass. Stir until sufficiently chilled then top up with ginger beer and garnish.

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