Hillrock Releases America’s First Sauternes Cask Finished Estate Rye Whiskey

Sauternes_ImageHillrock Estate Distillery, New York’s first Field-To-Glass® distillery, announces the September 10, 2016 release of America’s first Estate Rye Whiskey finished in French Sauternes casks. Continuing the commitment to create the highest quality artisanal whiskeys, Hillrock’s estate-grown and crafted, 100% rye whiskey reflects the unique terroir of the Hudson Valley and incorporates rare Premier Cru Sauternes wine casks into the aging process.

Sauternes wine, known as the “nectar of the gods”, is characterized by the balance of sweetness and acidity, with a nutty flavor and notes of apricots, honey and peaches. This exceptional wine is made only in the Graves section of Bordeaux with grapes affected by Botrytis fungus – better known as the “noble rot”. Botrytis causes the grapes to become partially raisined, resulting in a concentrated and distinctive flavor profile which is renowned world-wide. In the 18th century, both Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were major Sauternes connoisseurs.

“Finishing Hillrock Estate Distillery Double Cask Rye in French Sauternes casks merges tradition and terroir, creating a rounded, almost buttery texture with notes of honey and citrus lemon,” said Jeff Baker, owner Hillrock Estate Distillery. “With the Pedro Ximenez-finished Rye selling out at our last open house this past June in just a few hours, we encourage interested customers to reserve a bottle of this very limited distillery release of Sauternes Rye well ahead of September 10th.”

To date, Sauternes casks have been used to age primarily Scotch whiskies and Hillrock’s release will be the first American estate-grown and crafted 100% Rye whiskey to be aged in Sauternes casks. The terroir-driven clove and cinnamon spice of Hillrock’s award winning Double Cask Rye marries perfectly with the raisined apricot and citrus notes of Sauternes. The Sauternes finished Double Cask Rye has a copper, amber color and offers melon, honey, vanilla and spice on the nose. Flavors of honey-coated cashews, citrus and rye lead way to butter toasted bread, roast nuts and a long honeyed finish which perfectly balances the rye spice.

Barrel #1 of the Sauternes finished Double Cask Rye will be released at the distillery on Saturday, September 10th, during the Fall Distillery Open House between Noon and 5:00 pm. The event, which is open to the public, will offer enthusiasts the opportunity to tour the award-winning Field-To-Glass® facility, sample the entire portfolio of spirits, and purchase Hillrock Estate Distillery whiskies. No reservations are necessary to attend the Open House, however those interested in purchasing Sauternes Rye are encouraged to pre-reserve their bottles by emailing info@hillrockdistillery.com, or calling 518-329-1023 and picking up at the event.

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