Hood River Distillers Expands Distribution of Trail’s End Bourbon Whiskey Nationally

OREGON’S AWARD-WINNING TRAIL’S END® BOURBON WHISKEY EXPANDS NATIONALLYRecently launched whiskey inspired by the adventurous spirit of the Oregon Trail broadens distribution and earns prestigious double gold medal along the way.

HOOD RIVER, OR (April 5, 2016)Hood River Distillers announced today that Trail’s End®, an ultra-premium, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey finished with Oregon Oak, won a Double Gold Medal at the renowned San Francisco World Spirits Competition, within just a few months of its launch.  At the same time, Trail’s End continues to expand to new markets across the country.

“Straight whiskeys and craft bourbons have been enjoying a resurgence in recent years, due in part to increasing interest in authentic, heritage-based products,” said Keri Eliason, Marketing Brand Manager, Hood River Distillers. “While the category is dominated by Tennessee and Kentucky bourbons, a new set of bourbons are emerging from outside of the region and consumers are responding. In creating Trail’s End, we’ve taken the best that Kentucky has to offer, added a bit of Oregon, and the result is pure gold!”

The bourbon is initially aged in Kentucky in new charred white Oak barrels for eight years. It is then brought to Oregon, where it is steeped with Oregon Oak, perfected with glacier-fed spring water from Mt. Hood and bottled at 90 proof.

The Oregon Oak imparts a bolder oak profile and does so very quickly, so it does not add more than a few months to the aging and finishing process. On the palate, however, the Oregon Oak adds a warm nuttiness that differentiates the Trail’s End from its southern kin.

“Trails End is the first collaboration with our expert team at Clear Creek Distillery,” added Eliason. “They were the first distillery to start using Oregon Oak, and their distillation technique shows in each bottle.”

Trail’s End was initially made available in a limited supply last year and received raves from bartenders and consumers alike. Trail’s End (45% ABV/90 proof) is available in premium, embossed 750ml bottles with oak cork top and wood paper label for $44.95 (750ml).

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