Mulholland Distilling Launches with Signature Whiskey, Vodka and Gin

New Spirits Co. launches with three products that reflect the Spirit of Los Angeles™

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Walton Goggins, Matthew Alper and Mulholland Distilling Inc. are proud to introduce a new portfolio of premium spirits reflecting the vibrant and rich culture of Los Angeles. The company introduces American Whiskey, Vodka and New World Gin to select retailers and restaurants in Los Angeles, with plans for larger distribution in the near future.


The company’s namesake William Mulholland was the visionary who expanded the boundaries and possibilities of Los Angeles by bringing water to the desert town. Founder Matthew Alper and longtime friend and Mulholland partner Walton Goggins are continuing William Mulholland’s legacy by bringing a different kind of water to Los Angeles: Whisky, Vodka and Gin.

“At Mulholland, our mission is to create artisanal spirits that reflect and celebrate the diversity and vibrancy of our great city,” said founder Matthew Alper. “We’ve traveled the entire country in search of the finest spirits available and are working with top distillers, blenders and mixologists across the nation to bring those spirits here for all to enjoy.”

Mulholland Distilling features

  • Mulholland American Whiskey: Fresh scents of vanilla bean, sweet corn, and maple mesh together with a hint of baking spice on the nose. The first sip, rich but not cloying, suggests oak with dried fruit and a hint of herbal rye. The finish is long and round as the notes of corn come back to balance the rye spice.
  • Mulholland New World Gin: Distilled six times from 100% non-gmo corn, our gluten-free Gin begins with a bright cucumber and juniper bouquet. An intense burst of lime follows as the glass touches your lips and then a complex mix of our lavender florals appear — the juniper rounds out the palate before citrus and vanilla come roaring back.
  • Mulholland Vodka: Distilled six times from 100% non-gmo corn, our gluten-free Vodka has a silky mouthfeel with rich evergreen and vanilla notes up front then pepper and mint on the finish. The flavor holds just long enough to showcase the smooth, round character and great length. Clean and smooth, enjoy neat, on the rocks or in your favorite cocktail.

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About Mulholland Distilling

Los Angeles’ Mulholland Distilling is a new spirits company specializing in American Whiskey, Vodka, and New World Gin. Their goal is to keep the craft culture alive with traditional artisan spirits and to derive from those beginnings a line of historically rooted spirits with modern, local, and mass-market appeal. Mulholland Distilling is proud to contribute to The Spirit of Los Angeles™.