Stoneyard Distillery Launches Rum Horchata

UnknownProducers of Authentic Colorado Rum Team with Lucky Oh! To Give Horchata An Adult Makeover

DOTSERO, ColoradoStoneyard Distillery of Dotsero in Western Colorado and Lucky-Oh of Denver have teamed together to give Horchata, the delicious Mexican drink of cinnamon, vanilla, cocoa, and coconut flavor an adult makeover with Colorado rum. Lucky-Oh Horchata Specialty Spirit is making its debut in retail locations across Colorado including Denver and the Western Slope markets of Vail and Aspen, with national distribution set to follow beyond summer 2016.

As Colorado’s newest craft distillery, Stoneyard Distillery, produces authentically local rum made with all Colorado-sourced ingredients including local beet sugar. Stoneyard’s added twist to this traditional beverage is set to revive an interest in Horchata. a traditional Spanish and Latin American beverage typically made of ground almonds, rice, barley or tiger nuts, which perfectly compliments the spicy nature of Mexican food.

“People across the country are fast discovering the appeal and versatility of Horchata, a beverage with origins in Mexico and Latin America,” said Stoneyard Distiller, Max Vogelman. “This popular drink has been carried across continents and language barriers, through millenniums, and by all types of people. Stoneyard and Lucky-Oh have given it a Colorado twist, using a little kick with our authentic Colorado Silver Rum!”

Distiller Vogelman describes Lucky-Oh Horchata Specialty Spirit as having a sweet, very rich and nutty nose with notes of cinnamon and vanilla. “Its texture is buttery and airy with a complex and entertaining mixture of spices transitioning throughout the mouth. A slight spicy heat on the back of the throat carries over the smooth texture going down,” he said. “The aftertaste is very pleasant with coconut coming through more strongly. It finishes with lingering spice flavors very complimentary of the next taste.”

“What makes our Horchata different? It is dairy free and can be added to your choice of any milk base to create your own wonderful and unique version of Horchata with very little effort,” said Lucky-Oh President Nick Laing. “We recommend enjoying the Lucky-Oh Horchata Specialty Spirit on the rocks, or shake it up with almond milk and shaved nutmeg or cardamom. “

The Lucky Oh Horchata Specialty Spirit is available in 750 ml bottles with a suggested retail price of $24.

About Stoneyard Distillery

Stoneyard is located in Western Colorado’s Eagle Valley, approximately 30 minutes from the famed ski slopes of Vail and Beaver Creek, in the former railroad junction of Dotsero. Founded by two pilots who discovered they had more than a passion for aviation in common, the distillery was launched after Max Vogelman and Jim Benson decided to band together to pursue larger production of Vogelman’s hobby garage-brewed rum. Unlike traditional rum made with molasses and sugar cane, Stoneyard produces Colorado Rum – a special rum made from Colorado-grown beet sugar sourced from the Eastern plains of the state and uses Colorado spring water from the Eagle River filtered through ancient volcanic rock. This authentically Colorado silver rum has a slightly higher proof that resists dilution and is “polished” to a high level of smoothness.

About Lucky Oh!

Lucky-Oh is a Denver based start up that manufactures a liquid concentrate used to make instant Horchata. Typically Horchata takes 12 hours to make and spoils quickly. Lucky-Oh takes this long process and turns it into am instant solution. With only ten calories and two grams of sugar, Lucky-Oh is an excellent alternative to sugary drinks. Lucky-Oh recently won a business grant through the Miller Lite Tap the Future contest. The event was hosted by the SVP of Revolt TV, Kenny Burns, and the panel of judges consisted of “Shark Tank” investor and founder of FUBU, Daymond John.