Giffard Introduces Two Liqueurs with Crème de Fruit de la Passion and Caribbean Pineapple

PHOTO CREDIT: Natalie Jacob

Seattle, Wash. (August, 29, 2017) – Giffard, the esteemed family-owned French maker of cocktail-focused liqueurs, announces the U.S. launch of two exciting products through its U.S. importer, Back Bar Project.  Giffard Caribbean Pineapple and Giffard Fruit de la Passion are perfect examples of Giffard’s innovative capabilities.

Perfect for Indian Summer and warm fall days.  These tropical flavors are ideal for the Tiki cocktail resurgence and resurgence of playful, tropical cocktails that highlight intense natural flavors above all else. Giffard Crème de Fruit de la Passion and Giffard Caribbean Pineapple are both available online through Astor Wine & Spirits. and are available via Back Bar Project’s distribution network.

Giffard Caribbean Pineapple (ABV 20%).

Caribbean Pineapple is an extension of Giffard’s Premium Range, a line that features carefully selected ingredients (fruits, spices, flowers) from around the world, to ensure the highest possible quality infusions. Giffard Caribbean Pineapple is made by macerating sun-ripened pineapples in alcohol for up to six weeks to extract the fruit’s full range of aroma and flavors.   A touch of clove, nutmeg, and seven-year aged rum are added to enhance its richness. Giffard Caribbean Pineapple has a heady aroma of freshly-cut pineapple with notes of fresh and candied pineapple balanced by tangy acidity. It finishes with a whisper of spice and aged rum ideal for daiquiris. MSRP $33.99.

Daiquiri D’Ananas

  • 1.5 oz. Rhum Agricole
  • .75 oz. Giffard Caribbean Pineapple
  • .75 oz. fresh-squeezed lime
  • .25 oz. Giffard Orgeat

Rumble in the Jungle

  • 2 oz. Rosé wine
  • 1 oz. Giffard Caribbean Pineapple
  • .5 oz. Campari
  • .75 oz. Lime juice
  • .5 oz. Simple syrup

Shake ingredients together with ice and double strain into a chilled, stemmed cocktail glass.

Giffard Crème de Fruit de la Passion (ABV 16 %).

Known by a variety of names around the world, passion fruit are often referred to as maracuya, liliko’i, granadilla and, of course, fruit de la passion. Giffard Crème de Fruit de la Passion, a bright amber liqueur with sensuous aromas of round, ripe liliko’i, is distinctive for its mouth-watering tangy sweetness and intense tropical fragrance.  It’s flavors are a tropical soiree of mandarin, orange, mango and guava. Giffard Crème de Fruit de la Passion is ideal in a Passion Fruit Pisco Sour. MSRP $27.99.

Passion Fruit Pisco Sour

  • I.5 oz. Pisco
  • .75 oz. Lime juice
  • .5 oz. Giffard Crème de Fruit de la Passion
  • .25 oz. Simple syrup
  • 1 egg white

Shake ingredients together with ice and double strain into a chilled, stemmed cocktail glass. Carefully place three dashes of Angostura bitters on the surface of the cocktail and swirl lightly.

About Giffard

In 1885, in the small town of Angers, in the heart of the Loire Valley of France, Emile Giffard, a pharmacist with an inventive, curious nature and the palate of a gourmand, was studying the digestive and cooling properties of mint. His research resulted in the invention of a clear, mint liqueur, steam-distilled from the Mitcham variety of peppermint that was immediately received with enthusiasm from the townspeople. As delicious as it was refreshing, Monsieur Giffard’s elixir was called Menthe Pastille after the mint candies that were so famous at the time.

Giffard parlayed the success of Menthe Pastille into a fully operational distillery that began to produce liqueurs, syrups, cordials and tonics from the rich bounty of local fruits and botanicals as well as the exotic spices and herbs that were brought in by ship on the Loire River from ports around the world.

Four generations later, Giffard is still owned and operated by the same family which maintains the best quality without compromise for all of its products.

About Back Bar Project

Giffard Liqueurs are imported by Seattle-based Back Bar Project (, the exclusive U.S. importer of a collection of premium spirits that meet the U.S spirit industry’s demand for specialized, high-quality ingredients.

You can find out more at their website,