RAFT All-Natural Cocktail Ingredients Launch RAFT Bitters

Portland, Ore. – Portland, Oregon based RAFT Cocktails has added to its line of all-natural cocktail syrups with four flavors of cocktail bitters – Aromatic, Cardamom, Orange, and Grapefruit. The bitters position RAFT to offer the building blocks for great cocktails. All consumers need is their favorite spirit and a little soda water for great cocktails at home.

RAFT Bitters are made with the same great care and attention to quality as their syrups. All sources are carefully vetted with a priority toward supporting local producers and using organic, fair trade, and sustainable products whenever possible.

The launch of the bitters also inspired a refresh of the RAFT branding. The bold, modern labels complement the accessible, clean label product inside. Each label also speaks to the ease of use of each product with either a recipe or simple graphics showing how to use each flavor.

“A great cocktail is a balance of strong, sweet, sour, and bitter. With RAFT now offering both the sweet and the bitter, making great tasting cocktails at home is so easy,” says Founder and CEO Genevieve Brazelton.

RAFT Bitters can currently be found at The Fresh Market across the Southeast and will be available at all Fred Meyer stores in November. The bitters line will be rolled out to RAFTs existing stores over the next few months.

About Improper Goods, Inc

Improper Goods, Inc makes small-batch, all-natural cocktail pantry products under the brands RAFT Cocktails and The Bitter Housewife. Every flavor is crafted for ease of use, great taste, and to encourage creative drinking.

At Improper Goods, we strive to be a trusted source for both high-quality products and the education that inspires you to play with your drinks.