SLRRRP Alcohol-Infused Gelatin Shots Enter New Hampshire

Los Angeles, Calif. – SLRRRP, the ready to drink gelatin shot, is expanding its distribution with the announcement of their partnership with Third Generation Family owned Martignetti New Hampshire, kicking off in October.

“The SLRRRP team is excited to offer SLRRRP’s Alcohol Infused Gelatin to the “Live free or Die” State!” said SLRRRP CEO Stephen Houck.

SLRRRP™ saves consumers time and effort from making traditional gelatin shots. Made with 6 times distilled vodka and gelatin from a proprietary blend of plant-based extract, these vegetarian friendly shots are ready to go from shelf to party.

The most popular packaging from SLRRRP is the 20 count Party Pack, giving consumers a sample of each of the 5 flavors currently offered.

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SLRRRP launched April 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Using a 6 times distilled vodka as well as a gelatin made from a proprietary blend of plant-based extract, these shots replace the work of the traditional gelatin shot. The ready to drink gelatin shots are vegetarian friendly, fat free and do not require refrigeration. The brand promotes both recycling and drinking responsibly with the campaign #SLRRRPResponsibly