Sonoma Syrup Co. to Launch Peppermint Simple Syrup at Winter Fancy Food Show

Sonoma, Calif. — It is no secret that Americans love seasonal foods. Peppermint is one of the most loved and has become synonymous with the winter season. Just one taste of a seasonal flavor can elicit joy in the most discerning consumer. Over one quarter (27 percent) of Americans consider seasonal flavors to be nostalgic. Seasonal flavors also create an emotional connection with consumers, such as evoking notions of comforting (39 percent), special (39 percent), warmth (33 percent) and happy (30 percent).

Sonoma Syrup Co has released a Peppermint Simple Syrup to their Infused Simple Syrup line and invites to experience its incredible delicious flavor at the Winter Fancy Food Show – Booth #720 (January 21-23) in San Francisco, CA.

Sonoma Syrup Co.’s syrups are made from the only the finest ingredients with an emphasis on achieving the most authentic flavor profile possible.

The new Peppermint Simple Syrup contains only non-GMO ingredients: cane sugar, water, organic peppermint extract, organic peppermint oil, vanilla extract, citric acid and vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and is available in 375 mL (12.7oz) bottles. This new Infused Simple Syrup is especially delicious in the beverages of the season, such as: peppermint hot cocoa, mochas, or even over ice cream (recipes below), but can also be used in cocktails, baked goods, sodas, baked goods and more. This organic cane sugar based syrup is the perfect flavor to bring seasonal warmth and happiness to the conscious consumer.

About Sonoma Syrup Co.

The Sonoma Syrup Company produces unique American specialty syrups in Sonoma Valley, CA. All of Sonoma Syrups products are non-GMO Project and contain real ingredients such as pure cane sugar, fruit and locally sourced botanicals. Sonoma Syrup does not use artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Sonoma Syrup Co.’s product line includes small batch Infused Simple Syrups, antioxidant rich bar mixers, and organic alcohol based extracts.

For more information about Sonoma Syrup Co. and delicious Peppermint Syrup recipes visit For media inquiries and requests for product samples and hi-res images, please contact Margaret Marchuk at or (805)969-3744.