BET Vodka Launches Sugar Beet Vodka

MINNEAPOLIS— BET Vodka is topping shelves in the Upper Midwest, thanks to its success among restaurants, bar lounges, liquor establishments and home spirits cabinets alike.

BET (pronounced BEET), is distilled entirely from sugar beets—giving it an unprecedented flavor that rises above typical corn and grain varieties of vodka. The founding husband and wife team of Ben & Rochelle bring together their complementary talents in business and life—along with their love of travel and culture—culminating in a lifestyle brand that raises the bar on vodka.

“We started BET to foster social connections through a beautiful sipping experience that’s made for sharing,” said Brueshoff. “The idea of elevating the sugar-beet root vegetable into the world of fine spirits was very appealing to us.”

Working with the Minnesota Agricultural Department, BET Vodka received a grant to pursue its passion—to research it, align it with industry resources, and craft it as the first-of-its-kind vodka in the Midwest. Partnering with a sugar beet farm cooperative rooted for generations in Minnesota’s Red River Valley brought the idea to life.

“Meeting the farmers and cultivating relationships with them has given us an appreciation for sugar beet history in Minnesota as the no. 1 grower in the country,” said Brueshoff.

Going deeper to the original source of the crop, Brueshoff discovered that in the late 19th century, a New Yorker by the name of Henry Oxnard pioneered a “modern” way to process sugar beets in America’s Midwest. Inspired by his inventiveness, the two honor his legacy with  an iconic 1951 Dodge truck named “Henry.” It accompanies them on customized BET Travel Bar pop-up experiences for both personal and business events.

With the launch of the Travel Bar, the brand is also introducing a campaign using the line, “Simply Neat,” to tout the sophisticated simplicity of BET when served on its own — (the true cocktail definition of “Neat”) — or in recommended mixed cocktails. “Taste is the greatest differentiator of our brand, and we want that to come through in our communication efforts,” reflects Brueshoff.

“With a persona built around sharing, we serve to bring family and friends together,” affirms Brueshoff, suggesting that even those who haven’t appreciated vodka in the past will come to love it for its flavor.

BET Vodka is sharing its pioneering spirit with appreciating audiences everywhere. To learn more about distribution, online orders, signatures drinks and event planning — visit

About BET Vodka

Rooted in the pioneering spirit of American Sugar Beet connoisseur Henry Oxnard – and cultivated through generations of family farmers – BET is the Midwest’s first premium sugar beet vodka born in a farm cooperative, distilled to its essence, and revealed in a beautiful sipping experience made for sharing. With a clean, crisp and velvety-smooth flavor profile, you’ll discover why BET is Simply Neat.