MeMento Launches MeMento Green Blend

MILAN– Less than two years after its debut on the international beverage scene, MeMento, a unique selection of aromatic waters distilled with Mediterranean scents, expands its offering and presents MeMento Green.

“The idea of launching a new product arose from the ever growing global demand of industry professionals and consumers for mixing ingredients able to amplify and improve the non and low alcoholic drinking experience,” explains founder Eugenio Muraro.

With its freshly intense aroma, MeMento Green is pure instinct: sip after sip, it takes us in the beautiful atmosphere of nature, where the scent of the forest, the trees’ breath and the wonderful sensation of immersing yourself in the untouched vegetation feed the creative talent of modern mixologists towards new sensory experiences.

The inspiration comes from Mediterranean aromatic plants characterized by a strong herbaceus fragrance, hence the name Green, which the Master Blender combines in a unique liquid, completely different from the delicately floral tasting profile of the first MeMento.

MeMento Green stems from a careful selection of four ingredients, well known since ancient times for their beneficial properties:

  • green myrtle, balsamic and regenerating
  • melissa, fresh and citrus
  • laurel, strong and vigorous
  • orange blossom, bittersweet and balanced

Wellbeing and health are the underlying theme of the drink list created around MeMento Green and freely inspired by the natural world that surrounds us: “Scent of Yoga” (with decaf tea, sugar syrup and tumeric dust), “Fairy’s Healing” (with aloe juice and elderflower syrup) or, among the low ABV ones, “Cactus Flower” (with tequila, agave syrup and lime juice) and General Sherman (with bourbon whiskey and pumpkin puree).

With Green, continues the growth of MeMento, which since the launch in 2017, has received numerous and prestigious International awards. Among them, in the past few months, the Sip Awards, the only competition in which the jury consists only of consumers, and the International Wine & Spirit Competition, an important reference point in the global beverage industry, which has awarded for the first time in 50 years a non alcoholic product.