Stuart McGuire Re-Joins Former Beso Del Sol Team at Wolf Spirit Distillery

EUGENE, Ore.— Umberto Luchini, founder and proprietor of Wolf Spirit Distillery, is delighted to announce that Stuart McGuire has rejoined his former colleagues Larry Margolis and Bradd Levitan. This puts the former Beso Del Sol team firmly in place within Wolf Spirit Distillery, which currently crafts and imports premium vodkas, and will expand its portfolio in 2020.

Luchini, formerly CMO of Campari USA, founded Wolf Spirit distillery in 2017. It took a full year for he and maker Ben Green to create the vodka they wanted; in 2018 they began production in their Eugene, OR distillery, housed in a former laundromat. In early 2019, Luchini appointed Larry Margolis as partner in charge of operations, and Bradd Levitan as partner and CEO; the “L&B” team, as they are known, pack the one-two punch of distribution and off-premise expertise which – together with the on-premise prowess of Stuart McGuire, now managing partner – had led to the rapid growth and subsequent sale of Beso Del Sol Sangria to The Wine Group in July, 2018.

Luchini says: “Ben makes incredible vodka and I market it; as soon as Larry and Bradd joined the team we got our distribution and off-premise game into shape, entering 23 states in just 6 months. With Stuart re-joining the squad, we are set to hit 40 states and double revenues by the end of 2019.”

About Wolf Spirit Distillery

In his late 40s and with his own savings at stake, Umberto Luchini walked away from his CMO position at Campari America to launch Wolf Spirit Distillery, with the mission to live courageously with great purpose; to be honest; and hell-bent on upending the system. Every day, Umberto aims to inspire richer life experiences and satisfy a literal and figurative thirst for what’s real. Their flagship brand is Blood x Sweat x Tears Vodka, which is handcrafted using soft white winter wheat from Hamilton Ranch on Rattlesnake Ridge in Washington state, and purified Cascade waters. The company also imports Tom of Finland Organic Vodka, which gives a full 5% of all profits to Tom of Finland Foundation which promotes tolerance toward all sexual orientations.