Dwayne Johnson’s Teremana Tequila Launch Ships 400K Cases in First Year

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has set a record in the spirits industry. His Teremana Tequila is on track to sell 300,000 cases and ship roughly 400,000 cases in its first year of business according to industry expert Shanken News Daily. For context, Casamigos Tequila was sold in 2017 for reportedly $1 billion after selling roughly 175,000 cases that year.

Created in a small town in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, founders Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, Ken Austin and Jenna Fagnan worked with a Mexican family-owned distillery to build a unique home on the grounds solely to create a tequila of the people, Teremana. ‘Tere’ derived from the Latin ‘terra’ meaning earth, and ‘Mana’, the Polynesian word meaning spirit. Teremana is the “Spirit of the Earth’.

Launched in March 2020, Teremana tequila, brought joy and delight to an otherwise challenging and unprecedented time.  One can tell that for Dwayne Johnson, this venture is incredibly personal. In fact, its generational and a legacy play for Dwayne who is in this for the long-term.  It’s about hard work and passion, bringing people together and delivering the highest of quality and the best of taste.

And now, Teremana is the biggest launch in spirits history. With no traditional advertising or marketing to support the launch, it’s quickly become a favorite of consumers, retailers and bartenders alike.   Not to mention tequila sales are outpacing spirits sales year to date in a big way – total spirits are up 17.6% year to date, while the total tequila category is up 50.9% to date.

Teremana was crafted with love for great tequila made the right way – in small batches, by hand, bringing back an old school tradition to cook and slow roast mature agave in brick ovens. Every step of Teremana’s tequila-making process is meticulously done to create delicious tequila that truly honors the land it comes from with a Mexican family-owned distillery.  Using only 100% mature blue weber agave, roasted in brick ovens and distilled in copper pot stills, Teremana is a clean, bright tequila.

Transparency is key to the Teremana team, which is why you’ll find that every bottle of Teremana features nutritional facts, making it one of the first spirits brand to do so. Teremana has 96 calories per 1.5 ounces, has no sugars or carbs, and is certified gluten free.

The ultra-premium sipping tequila is also at an accessible price with Teremana Blanco 750ml SRP selling at $29.99 and Teremana Reposado 750ml SRP at $32.99 – well below the price of most brands of this quality. This has led to massive sales for the new brand, like no other new brand has seen before. In fact, Teremana has been out of stock more than in stock, with thousands of social media users commenting that they need more fulfillment in their area.  However, even with these out of stocks, Teremana is on track to outsell and outpace other spirit brands.

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