The Whistler Irish Whiskey Launches Cask Finish Series in the US

St. Paul, Minn. – The Whistler Irish Whiskey, from family owned Boann Distillery in the historic Boyne Valley of Ireland, has added its special Cask Finish Series to its U.S. portfolio.

The series includes a unique line up of Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish, Calvados Cask Finish and Imperial Stout Cask Finish whiskeys. The Imperial Stout and Calvados Cask Finishes are annual releases that will be produced in February of each year with limited availability. Currently 3,000 bottles for each of the Imperial Stout and Calvados Cask Finishes are available in the U.S., while the core range of Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish has ongoing production with national distribution. All are bottled at 43 percent ABV, non-chill filtered and contain no caramel coloring.


This whiskey is triple distilled for extra smoothness and features the distillery’s signature blend of 35 percent single malt whiskeys and 65 percent grain whiskeys, which are independently matured in ex-bourbon barrels for at least four years before being married together and finished in Bodega Sherry Oloroso Casks for at least 12 months. The bourbon barrels give the whiskey its sweet warmth and the Oloroso casks deliver the unique fruity tones which are synonymous with the Whistler.


NOSE: Dry sherbet lemon, white grape, walnut, nougat with creamy raspberry and a hint of tropical fruits.

PALATE: Bergamot orange, mouth coating nougat, a slight minerality, tied together with a hint of coconut, banana and a brief pear note.

FINISH: Sweet, lingering finish with a dry wood prickle.


This whiskey is a collaboration between Boann Distillery and famed Calvados producers Chateau du Breuil, in Normandy, France. The expression features the same base high malt content signature blend used in the Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish. which makes these whiskeys incredibly interesting to try side by side as an investigation into the impact of different cask finishes. The signature whiskey blend is then married together and filled into Chateau du Breuil’s finest 10-year-old French Oak Calvados casks and left to finish for a period of at least 15 months. This whiskey was awarded a Gold medal at the 2020 World Whiskies Awards.


NOSE: Apple drops, fresh citrus zest, creamy and luscious toffee undertones with banana, apricot, melon and creamy red raspberries.

PALATE: Sweet peach on the fore with pear and a bright fresh citrus zest. Malt undertone with creamy vanilla underneath.

FINISH: Long and creamy with hints of pear and citrus zest remaining.


This whiskey is a collaboration between Boann Distillery and its sister brewery, Boyne Brewhouse. This expression begins its life, when ex-sherry barrels, containing The Whistler 7-Year-Old Blue Note, are emptied by the distillery and sent the brewery for its 10.8 percent Imperial Stout beer, which is left to mature in the casks for a minimum of six months. Once the beer is fully matured, the casks are emptied of beer, and on the same day, filled with a bespoke whiskey blend of 50 percent wheat whiskey, 35 percent malt whiskey, and 15 percent grain whiskey, all individually matured in ex-bourbon barrels before being married together and finished in the Imperial Stout beer Casks for a further six months.


NOSE: Dark berries mixed with a hint of bitter coffee and creamy cocoa.

PALATE: The creaminess from the cocoa follows through, pairing beautifully with the subtle coffee tones. This is rounded out by hints of caramel.

FINISH: Long, lingering with a creamy mouthfeel.

The Cask Finish Series is exclusively available in the U.S. with Boann Distillery’s long-term industry partner Prestige Beverage Group. The 750ml bottles are hitting shelves now with an SRP of $34.99 for the Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish and $39.99 for the Calvados and Imperial Stout Cask Finishes. The Calvados and Imperial Stout Cask Finishes are now available in Arizona, California, Nevada, Washington, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Texas.

Earlier this year, The Whistler successfully launched its Trilogy range to the U.S. The Trilogy combines tradition and technical know-how as Boann’s Master Distiller, Family Beekeeper, and Master Blender came together to craft the whiskey-based expressions that showcase some of the finest whiskey, smoothest honey and freshest cream that Ireland has to offer. The range includes the award winning The Whistler Irish Honey Whiskey which received best Irish Honey and World’s Best Honey at the 2020 World Liqueur Awards, The Whistler Double Oaked Irish Whiskey, and The Whistler Irish Cream.

About the Boann Distillery and The Whistler Whiskey:

Boann Distillery is the brainchild of the Cooney family, who have a long history in the Irish drinks industry. Founder Pat Cooney is a native of Drogheda and the establishment of a new industry in his hometown is a homecoming for him. Pat, his wife Marie and four of their children are all actively involved in running the business.  It’s been a Cooney family dream to lead a renaissance of Irish whiskey from their homeland of Drogheda, and that dream has become a reality with their new State of the Art Boann Distillery, and in late 2019 the first spirit flowed from the distillery’s copper pot stills, the first to flow in Drogheda in over 160 years.

The Whistler Whiskey was whistled into life one fabled New Year’s Eve, the range is born of the noteworthy craft and time-honored traditions that are as old as the story told, the written word and the whistled tune. The exploration of rare and special casks has begun and expect to see much more in the future. Additional details available at

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