HH Bespoke Beverages & Spirits Expands Portfolio With Marvelous Water

New York, NY — Kicking off the year with their first award, HH Bespoke Rum is the recipient of the 2020 Proof Awards presented by Food & Beverage Magazine and the expansion to offer non-alcoholic beverages. HH Bespoke Spirits launches HH Bespoke Beverages & Spirits with a minority stake in the ownership of Marvelous Waters, founded by Kenneth “Marvin” Barnes this January.

Marvelous Water has a pH of 9.5, with its alkaline properties is better for your health than regular water. Alkaline water helps with the digestive system, reduces high blood pressure, increases red blood cells, and promotes a viable immune system. Marvelous Water has no lead, bacteria, chlorine, fluoride, or harmful parasites. Marvelous Water contains potassium and magnesium which is proven to help the body maintain fluid balance and prevent cardiovascular disease. Because of these nutritional properties, Marvelous Water is in a class by itself. Marvelous Water’s bottling is bisphenol A (BPA) free- not made with harmful chemicals.

“We are excited to expand our brand portfolio with Marvelous Water and look forward to working with national retailers to get all of our products to as many consumers as possible. As a Black owned business, we are proud to introduce one of the first alkaline products to the market,” explains Sharene Wood, President & CEO, HH Bespoke Beverages & Spirits.

Kenneth Barnes, a New Jersey native’s journey to creating Marvelous Water began with his own trials and tribulations in 2009. Over the past eleven years, Mr. Barnes spent time on R&D, branding and establishing his own manufacturing in New Jersey to create Marvelous Water. Mr. Barnes has secured nearly 100 accounts including several 7-Eleven’s, numerous restaurants, gas stations and hotels across New Jersey and growing number of small to midsize businesses in New York City including Harlem Haberdashery and several restaurants. HH Bespoke Spirits and Beverages is excited to partner with Marvelous Water to bring this bottled alkaline water product to a national and direct-to-consumer market.

About HH Bespoke Beverage & Spirits:

The award-winning Harlem Haberdashery boutique created a lifestyle collection in 2018 with various product lines: Sweet Harlem and HH Bespoke Spirits. ?The spirit collection launched in November 2018 and received accolades from Black Enterprise, Forbes, New York Amsterdam News, The New York Times, Thrillist and many more are currently carried in numerous retail and hospitality establishments across New York City and Long Island, California and Massachusetts; the spirits are sold and shipped nationwide via ReserveBar.com.

HH Bespoke Beverages & Spirits family exuberantly wants to reach more audiences through their partnership with Marvelous Waters across the tri-state area and nationwide in 2021.

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