NIO Cocktails Launch Amaretto Adriatico Cocktail Box

NIO Cocktails, an Italian startup at the forefront of the premium ready-to-drink cocktail movement, has partnered with Amaretto ADRIATICO to bring you a collection of expertly crafted cocktails with a new generation almond liqueur. Amaretto ADRIATICO is beautifully distilled in the southern peninsula of Italy, bordering the stunning Adriatic Coast. This collection will invoke a warmth reminiscent of the last summer and early autumnal sun.

Patrick Pistolesi, NIO Cocktail’s Master Mixologist, selected Amaretto ADRIATICO, as they use hand-picked Filippo Cea almonds (considered to be some of the best in the world!) from Puglia that are then gently roasted for an extended period to release the full-bodied flavours to perfection. Rather than relying on cane sugar for flavour, cinnamon cocoa and a pinch of Adriatic sea salt are added to highlight the complexity of flavour found in the Puglian almonds to create the ultimate authentic amaretto base.

The Amaretto ADRIATICO collection contains four limited-edition cocktails with rich flavours ranging from full-bodied and spicy to delicate vanilla and aromatic citrus notes. With varying flavour profiles and ABV’s, this collection is perfect for cosying up during crisp long Autumn evenings or share with friends as an aperitif or digestif, evoking the feeling of the warmth of the Southern Italian coastline.

Amaretto Bianco Cappuccino Cocktail: In a bid to create a refreshing twist on the cult cocktail Espresso Martini, Amaretto ADRIATICO Bianco adds a light and fresh dimension to the coffee-based classic. The deep, complex coffee notes in Fair Coffee Liqueur bring a rich dimension to the silky vanilla notes in Amaretto ADRIATICO Bianco in this sublime cocktail.

“Having roots in Italy with my father being from Rome, I’m so excited to bring you this collection that is close to my heart. I recommend this cocktail as an Aperitivo, a way to open our appetite for flavours, experiences, moments and ideas – like the truly Italian idea that life is meant to be savoured. The Amaretto Bianco uses crushed white almonds, creating a milk liqueur that pairs perfectly with the Fair Coffee Liqueur and the chocolate notes of Bols White Cacao Liqueur.” — Patrick Pistolesi

Amaretto Roasted Sour Cocktail: Caramelised marzipan notes, zesty citrus flavours, and a touch of sea salt are all perfectly balanced in this bright and refreshing amaretto sour. Roasted almonds in Amaretto ADRIATICO bring a welcome depth of flavour and richness to the classic sour, creating a gently warming and refreshing drink.

“Two Amaretto Sours feature in this collection because it is an intensely Italian cocktail and pays homage to a country that has taught us so much about cocktail culture. The silky texture of the Amaretto Roasted, which uses roasted almonds and are distilled with the skin on, replaces the egg whites used in the classic cocktail. There truly is no Amaretto Sour quite like this on the market, and I can’t wait for you to try it!” — Patrick Pistolesi

Amaretto Godfather Cocktail: Rich, lightly spiced and thoroughly warming, the Amaretto Godfather was made to accompany drawn-out sunsets on the beach. Piquant allspice and a hint of charred wood from Bulleit Bourbon combine beautifully with the delicate marzipan notes and touch of salt in Amaretto ADRIATICO Roasted Almonds Liqueur.

“This cocktail embodies the enveloping warmness that greets you when visiting the south of Italy. It is the richest cocktail in the collection – the smokey notes of the award-winning small-batch Bulleit Bourbon compliment the flavoursome cocoa and cinnamon-infused Amaretto Roasted almond liqueur. This cocktail is to be enjoyed in the company of loved ones, perfect for every palate and the change of season.” — Patrick Pistolesi

Amaretto Bianco Sour Cocktail: Silky smooth and full of delicate, subtle flavours, the Amaretto Bianco Sour is supremely smooth sipping. The fresh vanilla flavours and gentle aromas of lemon zest make this light cocktail a sublime accompaniment to fall gatherings in Italy’s vibrant streets, with an expert balance between acidity and gentle sweetness.

“The unique Mediterranean climate of the Puglia region means the summer is warm and the winters are mild. I was inspired by these conditions to create a light and refreshing take on the Amaretto Sour. The Amaretto Bianco lends this cocktail a nutty undertone complemented by the zesty Organic Citric Acid and rounded off with the sweet Toschi Liquid Sugar. This can be enjoyed as both an aperitif or digestif. Salute!” — Patrick Pistolesi

About NIO Cocktails

NIO Cocktails is the brainchild of Luca Quagliano and Alessandro Palmarinwho, intending to change attitudes around cocktail consumption among the general public. The brand aims to become a leading innovator in the world of mixology, bringing its premium ready-to-drink cocktails to every place and occasion. The concept behind NIO is simple: shake, tear, pour.

NIO, which stands for Needs Ice Only, is based on the dream to enjoy your favourite cocktails wherever you want, all while maintaining the highest quality in both the recipes and their ingredients. All NIO Cocktails boast the seal of approval of Patrick Pistolesi, Italian master mixologist and brand ambassador to some of the world’s most prestigious spirits brands, now considered among the top 50 bartenders in the world by World’s 50 Best Bars. Pistolesi’s artistry is reinforced by NIO’s collaboration with some of the world’s best producers and spirits labels. Better yet, sustainability is at the core of the brand: the iconic design packaging is entirely recyclable, thanks to FSC-certified paper sleeves and the 45% bioplastic pouches.

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