The Lost Explorer Mezcal Partners with Voice For Nature Foundation

OAXACA, MEXICO – The Lost Explorer Mezcal proudly announces a partnership with the Voice For Nature Foundation, a global charity focused on supporting organizations and initiatives pushing beyond conventional thinking to have a sustainable impact on the planet. Working closely with stakeholders, industry experts, and the Oaxacan community, the partnership will focus on initiating and supporting industry-wide environmentally conscious practices that create measurable and meaningful impact for Oaxaca and its mezcal industry, including but not limited to the exploration of innovative product materials, regenerative agriculture, biodiversity, circular production and zero waste.

Leveraging the Voice for Nature Foundation’s global network and grassroots-to-industry approach, the partnership will create and support an open-source exchange of information and sustainability best practices by listening to and learning from experts, engaging and showcasing local Oaxacan artisans and tradespeople, building community, and supporting initiatives focused on creating a more sustainable and eco-conscious circular economy.

“The Lost Explorer Mezcal team is excited by the opportunity and driven to play our part in building a more sustainable and prosperous Oaxaca,” said Tanya Clarke, CEO of The Lost Explorer Mezcal.  “By respecting and honoring centuries old traditions and craft,  whilst also exploring the advantages of new research, modern tools and technologies, the partnership with Voice For Nature Foundation marks a key milestone in making progress towards developing more sustainable Mexican enterprise whilst protecting the artisanal craft, heritage & biodiversity of this wonderful community, which is effectively the home of mezcal.”

The Voice for Nature partnership is announced in tandem with The Lost Explorer Mezcal’s unveiling of its ‘Celebrate the Earth’ campaign, which will feature a series of purpose-driven educational content, as well as a collection of re-imagined cocktails, such as the Earthy Paloma. The campaign will run throughout the summer months, highlighting The Lost Explorer Mezcal’s deep commitment to the sustainable production of high-quality, artisanal mezcals in a manner that benefits the local mezcal-producing community in Oaxaca, while protecting the land’s biodiversity.

Launched at the end of 2020 across Mexico, the UK and California, The Lost Explorer Mezcal was created in partnership with award-winning Maestro Mezcalero Don Fortino Ramos and his daughter Xitlali. The Lost Explorer Mezcal’s ongoing sustainability practices include agave waste being processed into fertilizer, solar panels installed to power the distillery, and the replanting of at least three agave plants for each one used. Additionally, each bespoke glass bottle is designed and made in Mexico from more than 50% recycled crystal scraps, that are then hand-labelled and finished with a stopper made of natural certified wood, before being sealed and stamped with biodegradable natural beeswax.

The Lost Explorer Mezcal’s three uniquely profiled varietals – Espadín, Tobalá and Salmiana – are now available for purchase in select bars, restaurants and high-end retailers in California and on-line at, or directly from


Handcrafted from 100% agave cultivated in the sun-soaked Valles Centrales, Oaxaca, Mexico,The Lost Explorer Mezcal is co-founded by David de Rothschild and Thor Björgólfsson and created in partnership with award-winning Maestro Mezcalero Don Fortino Ramos and his daughter Xitlali. It is a toast to empowering sustainable Mexican enterprise, while protecting the ancient artisanal craft, heritage, and biodiversity of Mexico. Harvested in harmony with the elements and in tune with the rhythm of nature, the three uniquely profiled varietals – Espadín, Tobalá, and Salmiana – invite people to celebrate the earth and live curiously, exploring the diversity and wonder of the sacred agave.


Voice for Nature Foundation is a registered charity (1113144) founded in 2006 by explorer and environmentalist David de Rothschild.  Voice for Nature Foundation promotes positive environmental change towards global sustainability by supporting creative, innovative, and sustainable action. The foundation’s board of trustees includes David de Rothschild, Anthony de Rothschild, Katie McLaurin, and David Glick.

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