The Makers of CANTEEN Spirits Launch CANTINA

Austin, Texas – The team behind CANTEEN Spirits is pleased to announce CANTINA tequila soda, a line of new ready-to-drink canned cocktails. Made with real tequila for the highest-quality taste, the better-for-you beverages are made from premium blue weber agave in the heart of Tequila, in Jalisco Mexico.

After the incredible success of CANTEEN Spirits, a ready-to-drink vodka soda that sold over 517,000 cases and won the 2020 Impacts Hot Brands awards, the team that brought you CANTEEN Spirits has done it again with CANTINA, expanding the brand portfolio with this new innovative beverage launching this April. The timing couldn’t be more precise; tequila has become the fastest-growing spirit category in the U.S., with growth almost twice the rate of the total spirits segment and canned, pre-mixed cocktails setting the spirit world on fire with over 120% growth in 2020 (IRI 1.21).

Debuting with three flavors, Ranch Water, Grapefruit Paloma, and Watermelon Margarita, each 12 oz. can is 99 calories, low carb, and 0 sugar with all-natural flavors perfectly mixed and ready for enjoyment. The refreshing and thirst quenching flavors are crafted with precision and passion by the finest artisans and ingredients.

“CANTINA is more than a drink; it celebrates those who are explorers in both mind and spirit,” says Brandon Cason, who founded the brand in addition to acting as CEO. “We created CANTINA to deliver an artisanal spirit for today’s generation of cultural trailblazers who love quality tequila. Based on our previous success and continued growth with CANTEEN in the vodka space, we are confident we will make just as a significant mark in the tequila space right out of the gate.”

Sales and demand for tequila-based, canned pre-mixed cocktails are gaining in momentum, proven by the latest twelve-weeks sales showing this category growing over +164%. Tequila is the 3rd largest segment in dollar sales, achieving this with less than half of the distribution of the top two segments (IRI 1.21).

CANTINA is now available in select stores and online; and will be available nationwide by May. CANTINA will retail for the suggested SRP of $9.99 per 4-pack and has an ABV of 5.6% per can. To learn more, visit and follow CANTINA on Instagram @cantinaspirits.

Prepare yourself for an adventure of taste and spirit.

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