Tropical Distillers Announces Launch of New Flavor: J.F. Haden’s Citrus Liqueur

Miami, Fla — Florida-based company Tropical Distillers, is thrilled to announce they are expanding their brand portfolio with the launch of J.F. Haden’s Citrus Liqueur, their second spirit to market.  J.F. Haden’s Citrus Liqueur is a unique blend of oranges, limes and lemons creating the ultimate citrus flavor that packs a zesty punch.  Each small batch is crafted and bottled locally at the Tropical Distillers distillery in Miami, FL without preservatives, artificial colors or flavors using all-natural home-grown fruits.  J.F. Haden’s Citrus Liqueur will be available for purchase in two markets this fall, Florida and Georgia to start in partnership with RNDC.

Tropical Distillers CEO, Buzzy Sklar quickly realized the success of their first flavor J.F. Haden’s Mango Liqueur, and immediately started brainstorming ideas for the next one, looking for voids in the market.  With tropical and tiki-inspired cocktails still on the rise, he noticed that most of these cocktails featured citrus flavor profiles.  “We wanted to do another universal flavor that had some hometown ties to it and realized that there wasn’t any true Florida Citrus on the market. A blend of the great Florida Citrus, lemon, lime and orange,” says Sklar.

By implementing a small batching process, Tropical Distillers ensures the highest quality and guarantees peak flavor for all their craft liqueurs resulting in a fresher tasting cocktail.  What also sets J.F. Haden’s Craft Liqueurs apart is that it mixes perfectly with any base alcohol and has a shelf life of two years.  Each bottle features its own unique batch and bottle number.  J.F. Haden’s Citrus Liqueur expands over a wide range of flavor profiles pairing well with everything from sangria to tequila.  Some craft cocktails created exclusively by J.F. Haden’s featuring their citrus liqueur include the Haden’s Skinny Margarita, Citrus Drop Martini, and the Haden’s Cosmo.

About Tropical Distillers

J.F. Haden’s Mango Liqueur launched in January 2020 and is the first spirit to market from the Tropical Distillers brand portfolio, a first-of-its-kind, small batch mango liqueur made from all-natural home-grown Florida mangoes without preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.  Soon to follow will be the second spirit, J.F. Haden’s Citrus Liqueur in fall 2021. In addition, since January 1, 2020, J.F. Haden’s Mango Liqueur has been distributed throughout Florida in partnership with Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) and in March 2021, Tropical Distillers partnered with former NFL players and brothers Mike and Maurkice Pouncey.  The Pouncey twin’s partnership includes a variety of elements including brand direction, personal appearances, fan meet & greets, design of the new 10,000 sq. ft. distillery in the heart of Miami, special promotions and events and product development. Each small batch is crafted and bottled in its own distillery in Miami, FL opening December 2021 to the public and now available for purchase on their e-commerce website as well as thousands of locations around the nation.  J.F. Haden’s Craft Liqueurs are currently available in five major markets including Florida, N.Y., New Jersey, Nevada and Georgia with 2022 plans to expand in an additional five markets by year’s end.

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