Campesino Rum

by Campesino Rum

Official Brand Overview

THIS RUM IS DEDICATED TO THE PEOPLE IN THE JUNGLE, OF SKILL, PASSION, MYSTERY, AND ISOLATION; ON THE FRONTIER, IN THE WILDERNESS, THRIVING. Campesino Rum exists to change everything you’ve ever thought about rum. Our inspiration is drawn from our experience living in the jungle with two Campesino brothers. They put skill, passion, and total concentration in everything they did, with glowing yet humble pride. After living the Campesino lifestyle, we wanted to create a rum that poured the spirit of the jungle right into the bottle. That is why we chose to produce a straight rum without adding natural or artificial flavors, sugar, or any other elements that take away from the way rum is supposed to be: unadulterated. We believe those who drink Campesino want to get more out of life. They are people like us: travelers, seekers, explorers, adventurers; those who can see beyond borders, walls, and the fine print to see what is truly there. Take a sip, follow the journey, enjoy the ride.

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