BevNET's Best of 2017 Awards

BevNET’s Best of 2017 come from growing companies and startups, identifying rising stars and the most important trendsetters. We honor the products, the plays, the packages, the leaders and brand who were the hardest working, or just the cleverest. Timing is key: last year’s outstanding performer might have leveled off, formulations might change, function might best flavor; new packaging might not be right.

But it isn’t always easy to drink your way to enlightenment. So when the team started trying to sort through the stacks of veteran performers and newcomers, understand, there were plenty of arguments.

Important message: Really amazing year! It’s clear, obvious, probably intuitive. Excellent discoveries, these honors invite surprise when only regarded dismissively. Forget outlandish reactions. What’s our reply? Deserving. These recipients are deserving.

So, understand -- clarity, knowledge, intelligence, tenacity. Let’s admit total interest, finally, the awards!