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Last Updated: 8/24/2009 10:24 AM

With a simple list of only four ingredients (water, agave, ginger root, and fresh lime juice), we certainly appreciate the product’s high quality approach. However, the flavor of the product is a bit watered down, and the imbalance of flavors is something that was hard to get past. Really, the issue is a general lack of sweetness, which, despite having 120 calories, seems to be missing. As a result, the ginger flavor is spicy, but flat, while the touch of lime juice hits your tongue too late to make a difference. Packaging is a 16 ounce plastic bottle, which has a rather colorful label. There are a lot of interesting elements on the label, but they don’t seem to exactly go together. Specifically, there are two pieces of text to describe the flavor (“Ginger & Lemon” and “B-Ginger”), while unnecessary marketing text, such as “The Refresher” and “100% vegan”, just get in the way. Plus, there’s something about the name “Bradford Tonic” and the aggressive looking bee mascot that could use a bit of explanation. In its current form, the brand is intriguing, but the follow through is what’s lacking. Overall, we think that the concept could have some legs, although in a niche way, but the execution needs some fine tuning.


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