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Last Updated: 8/24/2009 10:25 AM

Of the two flavors, B-Sorrel is the clear winner of the Bradford Tonic line. Like its counterpart, this variety is made with only a few ingredients – and it shows big time. The flavor is simple, but complex, with a mellow mixture of hibiscus and allspice providing the majority of the flavor. There’s 7g more sugar in this variety, which gives the product a more appealing level of sweetness and, as a result, a better balance of flavor. It’s definitely one of the better tasting hibiscus flavored drinks that we’ve had to date. On the exterior of the product, they’ve used a stock 16 oz. bottle and a rather colorful label. While we have no issue with the brand’s name, Bradford Tonic (an ode to the founder of the brand), there’s something that seems out of sync between the name “B-Sorrel”, the brand name, and the bee logo. While they are smart to call out the use of agave, pointing out the low glycemic index would be even smarter, even in place of the 100% vegan badge (which is unnecessary in our opinion). Overall, we’re big fans of Bradford Tonics’ B-Sorrel, even with the few tweaks that it needs.


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