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Last Updated: 3/16/2011 2:49 PM

Of the two “Protein” varieties of Sambazon, the Chocolate variety is the stronger. The chocolate flavor is really enjoyable without being overwhelming, while the body of the drink is light and airy in comparison to a standard thick protein drink. There’s a slight amount of grit to it, which is presumably from the acai pulp. Otherwise, you really have to look hard to find any impact from the added acai. While this probably makes the flavor of the drink have broad appeal, the type of consumer who will purchase an acai chocolate protein drink might be disappointed. Functionally, the drink has about 10g of protein (and 240+ calories and 7+ grams of fat) per 10.5 fl oz bottle, which is derived from soy and hemp. It’s hard to say how this level of protein will go over with consumers, especially given where the drink is in terms of calories and fat. On the outside, the product looks very much like the other Sambazon varieties, but, using a slightly tweaked label design, the product is easier to read and a bit more polished than Sambazon’s prior efforts. Overall, it’s a great tasting product, but we don’t see this as a game changer for Sambazon.


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