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Last Updated: 7/10/2009 11:07 AM

Promoted as a “vibrancy drink,” this product is a carbonated dairy-based beverage that’s certainly one of the most unique tasting and looking Coke products that we’ve tried. From a flavor point of view, it’s big on milk flavor (it’s 7 percent milk, according to Beverage Digest) and, as a result, has a somewhat creamy body. It’s sweetened with sugar, to the tune of 26g per 8 ounce bottle, so it’s about on par with other Coca-Cola products. In our test, the product didn’t seem sweet until consuming almost a whole bottle, at which point there was a pretty decent coating of sugar in our mouths. The carbonation and light splash of citrus flavor paired with the dairy base are what makes this drink unique. It’s a pleasant taste, although we think it would take a lot of work to build a good base of repeat customers for this type of flavor. On the outside, the 8 oz. aluminum bottle has an eye catching design. However, it’s a heavily design-reliant product, on the whole, and the “vibrancy drink” tag certainly doesn’t shed any light on things. In addition, there’s no mention of the fact that the drink contains dairy (aside from the ingredients list), which will certainly disappoint some consumers who pick it up. Ultimately, it seems as though “vibrancy” is really another way to say “refreshment” as this product doesn’t offer any function to it. And on that front, it’s good, but it’s somewhat of a letdown compared to the eye candy that they’ve created with the branding.


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