Winter Fancy Food Show 2018 Video: Kona Deep Looks to Make Waves

In a category like bottled water, you sometime have to dive deep to find differentiation.

Kona Deep has done just that with its line of premium ocean water, sourced from deep currents off the coast of the island of Kona in Hawaii. The company, which recently completed a $5.5 million fundraise that will help expand its distribution and production capabilities, is working to educate consumers on how deep ocean water can provide quality hydration from a sustainable source.

At Winter Fancy Food Show 2018, held this week in San Francisco, BevNET spoke to Kona Deep CEO Patrick Turpin about how ocean water can carve out a place in the rapidly growing, and segmenting, bottled water market. Turpin also discussed how Kona Deep’s partnership with Danone is helping grow the company and how the brand has developed a retail strategy that spans from natural and grocery channels to unique on-premise opportunities.