Wine-glass Soda

In what may be the most high-brow examination ever performed on a beverage containing high-fructose corn syrup, New York Times wine critic Eric Asimov turned his attention to root beer this week.

Asimov and his tasting panel evaluated 25 root beers available to New York residents, and – amid light-hearted writing that seemed to poke fun at the writer’s own seriousness – managed to find some wisdom on the world of root beer.

Root beer comes in many varieties from many sources, Asimov wrote, not unlike craft beers. There is no definitive root beer formula, leaving root beer makers the room to experiment with different flavor profiles.

The article included the panel’s top ten brands, with grocery staple IBC and Wisconsin brand Sprecher taking the top two slots. Asimov and the tasters also took the time to compose short audio presentations on six of the top root brews.

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