C1.5 Extreme Energy Drink

by Intervest Media Group

This brand is no longer available

Official Brand Overview

C1.5 Extreme Energy drink is a collaboration project with Carmelo Anthony, NBA superstar. The drink was created to take in the image, taste and likeness of Carmelo. C1.5 has a very refreshing lemon-lime taste that helps with hydration and creates a unique taste. The drink is yellow in color and comes carbonated. It contains zero fat and 30 grams of carbohydrates for energy and thirst replenishment. The packaging of the product features Carmelo's picture and signature. C1.5 has been met with rave reviews and is being dubbed a marketing marvel- a real Slam Dunk. The drink is positioned to be a sports energy drink capturing Carmelo's work ethic. It will not only give you the jump you need in your game but the required hydration to keep you on the court. Carmelo and C1.5's motto is "Think It.. Believe It.. Become It.."


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