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Ginger People Launches Large Bottle Ginger Juice

A culinary whizz, it’s also great in stir fry dishes, salad dressings, soups and marinades, and let’s not forget the mocktails and cocktails. Simply add, splash or drink straight from the bottle. It’s also gluten-free, kosher and suitable for vegans. 

The Ginger People Releases 3 Turmeric-Infused Drinks

The Ginger People, which markets the world’s largest variety of ginger-based consumer packaged goods, is bringing turmeric into its fold, with the launch of three new turmeric-infused drinks at Natural Products Expo West 2018.

The Ginger People Announce Shots, Turmeric Line

The company, which markets a variety of ginger-based consumer packaged goods, announced it will add new turmeric-based variations of several existing products -- including beverages, candies and sauces -- next year.

Review: Ginger People Bottoms Up Ginger Beer

The Ginger People, which is a company that has long focused exclusively on ginger based food and beverage products, has partnered with Gordon Biersch Brewing Company to produce Bottoms Up, which was apparently designed with ginger beer purists in mind.

The Flow: PepsiCo vs. ScienceBlogs; FDA Reports on Food Taxes


  • PepsiCo had a brief flirtation with the scientific community that didn't go all that well. Link
  • USDA Report: Soda Tax Will Curb Obesity Rates Link
  • Cott Corporation signs agreement, acquires Cliffstar Link


  • Joint Juice has launched a new drink mix. Link
  • BROOKLYN SODAS now have cane sugar in them. They also now come in 4-Packs.
  • Big Red has released Big

New Triple Strength Ginger ‘Gizer Beverage Delivers Coveted Kick…


@@img1MONTEREY, Calif., – Revved up with powerful antioxidants and 12 constituents superior to vitamin E, The Ginger People announce the launch of their newest ginger beverage, Ginger ‘Gizer.

Ginger ‘Gizer is a ginger powerhouse containing three ginger ingredients, including the imaginative addition of freeze-dried ginger, prized Chinese yellow ginger juice and ginger syrup. Balanced with a splash of apple, a hint of lemon and sweetened …