New Triple Strength Ginger ‘Gizer Beverage Delivers Coveted Kick…


@@img1MONTEREY, Calif., – Revved up with powerful antioxidants and 12 constituents superior to vitamin E, The Ginger People announce the launch of their newest ginger beverage, Ginger ‘Gizer.

Ginger ‘Gizer is a ginger powerhouse containing three ginger ingredients, including the imaginative addition of freeze-dried ginger, prized Chinese yellow ginger juice and ginger syrup. Balanced with a splash of apple, a hint of lemon and sweetened with honey, Ginger ‘Gizer is convenient (and delicious) way to get your ginger “fix” – be it for health-related reasons or for palate-pleasing pursuits. The new drink promises to deliver energy and the most vivid ginger flavor and heat. Ginger ‘Gizer focuses on energy, health, simplicity and, above all, flavor.

Ginger ‘Gizer joins The Ginger People beverage range alongside their 2000 NASFT ‘Outstanding Beverage’ Winning Ginger Beer and 2007 NASFT ‘Outstanding Beverage’ Finalist Ginger Soother.
The Ginger People is the leading brand of ginger products in North America. It is owned by Royal Pacific Foods of Monterey, California. Royal Pacific Foods was established in 1984. For more product information and availability, please contact The Ginger People at 800-551-5284, ext. 225 or email at