Official Brand Overview

A quick summary of who we are and what we do: Caribé Exotic is a beverage start-up currently producing a family of cold pressed, HPP’d, all natural juices. Our exotic flavors are offered in a ‘Lite’ version, lending less sugar and fewer calories through our use of smart sweeteners that are 100% natural, Non-GMO, and diabetic-friendly. Our mission is to make available in the US the rich juice culture of the Caribbean, while we try to create opportunity for the land and the farmers we work with. In fact, we don’t just see ourselves as juice makers, but as storytellers that carry culture and tradition, all the way to you. First thing worth mentioning is that although we are of Caribbean origin ourselves, we were raised living between the Caribbean and other parts of the world. Moving constantly. It was primarily these back-and-forth travels (“touch-and-go livin”, we call it), that made us more sensitive to the narrative of the locals. They were trying to make sense of contrast (admittedly of a different sort) just like us. And it was exposure to this aspect of humanity - ours, theirs, mixed together as one - that impacted us. Moved us once more, except this time in a different sense. We learned each one of their stories, and in the process grew to appreciate their struggle, their legacy and, of course, their absolutely delicious fruit. Those are the underlying reasons we bring forth and narrate these stories for you, why we make juice and why we call it “exotic”. Because it occupies a unique space for us, it is unaltered and full of color in every sense of the word – just like the Caribbean people. To wrap this up, we’d just like to say that, in our eyes, Caribé Exotic is more than a product. It’s a bridge between the Caribbean and the rest of the world: bringing the deep color and richness of its culture to you, while creating new forms of opportunity for them.

Current product lineup