Unity Vibration

by Unity Vibration Living Kombucha Tea LLC

Official Brand Overview

Use all organic ingredients and fair-trade organic sugar & tea. Make delicious premium Kombucha Tea in large wine-sized bottles and single-serving with fresh-pressed raw fruit juices. Alcohol content can be greater than 0.5% due to fermentation and sugars. Large bottle to promote the idea of sharing, connection and community. Also use all organic ingredients to make delicious Triple Goddess Kombucha Beers in Raspberry and Ginger that are fermented from Kombucha tea in oak barrels with dried hops in an open-air-style ferment much like a lambic and then bottle conditioned. Strongly support local economy by utilizing as many ingredients as possible from local farmers and suppliers (especially in seasonal flavors) and by donating a % of profits from seasonal flavors to local non-profits. Intend to be self-sufficient/community-sufficient as possible by growing and operating on their own small farm and relying on local farmers when possible.

Current product lineup