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BevNET Magazine Feature: Sacred (Cold) Space

While dairy will remain on top for the foreseeable future, the cold case is changing today. Dairy industry leaders, however, may be more prepared for that change than anticipated.

BevNET Magazine Feature: Something’s Brewing

In kombucha, the story of the 2010s has been about the category’s rise from a niche beverage to a mainstream product. Having achieved that milestone, the question facing the industry at the precipice of a new decade is how to ensure that growth continues.

BevNET Magazine Feature: The Shape of Water

While consumer buying habits and nutrition trends are providing healthy tailwinds for the nascent category of kids water, developing a strong identity — to say nothing of building a business around that concept — remains a challenge for all involved, particularly in the face of declining sales for the entire kid-positioned beverage market.

BevNET Magazine Feature: Where Cold-Pressed Juice Can Still Grow

As cold-pressed juice moves into the next stage after its mid-decade height as a hot beverage trend, the subcategory continues to grow but leaves behind a reformed field of wholesale players marketing lower-priced offerings, alongside new competition from the private label space.

BevNET Magazine Feature: Issues & Challenges in Hemp/CBD

Now that the market has begun to take off, the beverage space is flush with new hemp and CBD ingredient suppliers eager to work with innovative brands in the category. That means drink makers looking for partners are spoiled for choice, and also that suppliers must do more to rise above the noise.

BevNET Magazine Feature: Alkaline Water Evolves

As legacy brands evolve and new ones emerge, consumers’ understanding of alkalinity as both a functional component and a connotation of premium quality in water is changing as well.

BevNET Magazine Feature: Kombucha Expands Its Audience

Having established a level of awareness for the category – one that continues to rise – kombucha and probiotic drink makers are now looking to grow their consumer base beyond the mix of urban millennials and traditional homeopaths that helped put them on the map.

Magazine Feature: Big Guys Pursue the Bubbles

With U.S. consumers expected to purchase around 821 billion gallons of sparkling water just this year, the likes of Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Nestlé and other major beverage manufacturers have all taken significant steps to expand and strengthen their respective positions in this high growth category.

Trading Up in Tea

Although tea is generally perceived as a better-for-you beverage, millennials are changing the way brands in the category think about innovation.

Fat Profits! The Rise of Keto Beverages

While diet trends come and go, the rapid rise of the ketogenic diet represents a new variation on the evergreen low-carb approach to nutrition.

League Leaders: BodyArmor, Vitamin Water Take Divergent Paths in Marketing

In steering their respective brands through the modern marketing landscape, better-for-you sports drinks BodyArmor, an independent brand, and Vitamin Water Active, released by The Coca-Cola Company, are taking two distinct approaches to showcasing athletes as part of their 2018 campaigns.